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List of living 1964 Cardinals

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  • List of living 1964 Cardinals

    The 1964 Cardinals further dismantled the Yankee champion machine, one year after the Dodgers did the same thing. While a lot of these 1950s/1960s teams have a surprisingly limited number of living representatives, this squad has a surprisingly large amount of living players. 29, to be exact.

    Bobby Shantz, 90
    Curt Simmons, 86
    Dick Groat, 85
    Roger Craig, 85
    Joe Morgan, 85

    Bob Skinner, 84
    Bill White, 81
    Bob Uecker, 80
    Bob Gibson, 80
    Ernie Broglio, 80

    Bob Humphreys, 80
    Julian Javier, 79
    Charlie James, 78
    Ron Taylor, 78
    Carl Warwick, 78

    Gordie Richardson, 77
    Ray Washburn, 77
    Lou Brock, 76
    Johnny Lewis, 76
    Dal Maxvill, 76

    Doug Clemens, 76
    Mike Shannon, 76
    Harry Fanok, 75
    Jeoff Long, 74
    Phil Gagliano, 74

    Ed Spiezio, 74
    Tim McCarver, 74
    Dave Dowling, 73
    Jerry Buchek, 73

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    Since this thread was last updated, Lou Brock (d. 2020), Bob Gibson (d. 2020), Ernie Broglio (d. 2019), Jerry Buchek (d. 2019), Johnny Lewis (d. 2018) and Phil Gagliano (d. 2016) have shuffled off this mortal coil. 23 remain:

    Bobby Shantz
    Curt Simmons
    Dick Groat
    Roger Craig
    Joe Morgan
    Bob Skinner
    Bill White
    Bob Uecker
    Bob Humphreys
    Julian Javier
    Charlie James
    Ron Taylor
    Carl Warwick
    Gordie Richardson
    Ray Washburn
    Dal Maxvill
    Doug Clemons
    Mike Shannon
    Harry Fanok
    Jeoff Long
    Ed Spiezio
    Tim McCarver
    Dave Dowling


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