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  • Anthony Reyes

    This guy was flat out awesome tonight shutting down the powerful White Sox offense,save for 1 pitch to Jim Thome in the 7th.

    Even White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson said in the 3rd that this kid has no-hit stuff tonight.

    Believe me when I say this,this kid deserved a better fate.

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    What is up with the Card's pitchers? They can't get a break anywhere! I saw the box score tonight and could do nothing but laugh in disbelief. Give the poor kid some run support!
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      They were showing a update of Reyes no hitter between the innings of the Jays game. I was really rooting for him and was dissapointed to see Jim Thome end it. He really deserved the win tonight but lately the Cards just cant get it done.


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        With Mulder on the DL, I hope Reyes gets a spot in out rotation. He pitched well in his only start last year, too. Anthony has great stuff and shouldn't have to go back to the minors.
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          We dont need to see him "Reyes" again. Leave him home next time you come to Chicago..........thankyouverymuch.
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            We just ask 1 favor from the Cards now.

            Go out and slay some Tigers this weekend. I'll have my Cardinals sunday cap with me.


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              He better not lose his spot in thew rotation when Mulder is back
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