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MLB files for arbitration over stadium lease

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  • MLB files for arbitration over stadium lease

    I think we all knew this was coming. This is going to either
    lead to a settlement which will pave the way for a new
    stadium to be built, or it could be the beginning of the end
    to Washington baseball:

    Baseball to Seek Arbitration Over D.C. Stadium

    Eddie Cunningham
    20 20

    Finally---something Nats and Birds fans can agree on!

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    Ah yes, sueing to get what you want...America's Pastime.
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    The A: No

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    Selig is like a stray pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don't like; they poo on people they don't even know. The only real difference between Selig and a pigeon is that Selig intends to bury our heritage, our traditions, and our culture,


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      The on-going saga of the ExpoNats continues. Bud & the Boys have just botched this to hell and back.
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        According to the report, the arbitration process may take up to 6 months to render a decision. And what I read from that is, there will be no new owner of the Nats for 2006.

        I have to question why MLB is involved in this anyway. Not to flog a dead horse, but they've (MLB) had 4 years to find an owner for this team and the gist of it is, Bud and his merry band of carpetbaggers, have failed miserably.

        It's my feeling that had MLB decided on the new owners, work may have been already started on the new barn.

        One more question remains. If, as it's been reported, negotiations between the D.C. council and MLB are still ongoing and, according to Linda Cropp, some progress is being made, why did MLB rush to file for arbitration?
        I'm wondering if it's a "much wants more" by MLB.
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          ''I'll send my boys...'' - Bud Selig


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