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Mediation filed for the new NATIONALS stadium

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  • Mediation filed for the new NATIONALS stadium

    This isn't looking good for the Nationals, because if they still don't reach an agreement to the new stadium, a three-member panel can determine the fate of the Nats. Here's a quotation from that article:

    Originally posted by W*USA 9 News
    The two sides will now enter a mediation period and if they still can't agree, a three-member panel will rule for one side or the other.

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    One side, MLB or D.C., is going to have a bad day, sometime within the next six months. That's the length of time allowed to render a decision. And I have to wonder whether or not one side or the other, the loser, will pursue the matter further. If that happens, this could be tied up for years.

    Which means the Nats will not have a new owner for the 2006 season.

    Stymied at a $60M payroll cap handcuffs Bowden from going after FA's or negotiating trades that will fill some of the holes in the line-up. Some, or any, of these trades could add $$$ to the payroll. Which means, the Nats may not be contenders during next season.

    With the recent deals done, I'm thinking Bowden may have almost reached that $60M cap. There might be a million or two left, but that isn't enough to lure anybody into the fold.
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