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    Its a little dated (Jan. 24), but the Washington Post's beat writer for the Nationals held an online chat toward the end of January. There is some interesting stuff in here-Soriano, the lead off spot, the bullpen.

    Svrluga mentions his book, National Pastime, coming out the week before opening day this year (great timing!). Basically it should cover the quest for bringing baseball to D.C. and the Nationals first year in town. It has been a work in progress for a couple years now.

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    Originally posted by Barry Svrluga
    1. Mets (although I'll probably be proven a sucker by September)

    2. Braves

    3. Phillies

    4. Marlins

    5. Nationals
    This guy's insane! He thinks the Nats will finish last and the Fish will win the 4th spot with Mike Jacobs!

    Originally posted by Barry Svrluga
    QUESTION: Come on the Nats aren't going to be that bad. Look how bad things looked last year. The Marlins? Please. The Nats will win 70+ games easy.

    Barry Svrluga: Someone is seeing sunny skies here in DC
    He is crazy!! He thinks wer're gonna ''struggle'' with Zim, Vidro, Soriano, Clayton, Johnson, Guillen, Church, Schneider, Livan, John, Lawrence Ortiz and Chad closing the games!!!

    I've never read anything so ridiculous in my life!


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      I don't think Svrluga is so far off base. Right now, and foreseeably, the Mets, Braves, and Phils have stronger teams. I may not agree with his Marlins and Nationals picks.

      The Nationals starting pitching isn't looking so hot. Hernandez coming off an injury year. Patterson needs to prove he has arrived in the big leagues, though I believe he has. Then... four guys to fill out the 3-5 rotation spots.

      Soriano could turn out to be a royal pain in the rear.

      The Nats should be ok at the corner infield positions. Hopefully Johnson stays healthy. Zimmerman should be ok but has played only a month in the Majors. Look for a hot start and then some cool down, but he should do just fine. Shortstop is a question mark with Guzman-if he falters then he's replaced by a 35 year old mercenary with poor offensive numbers. Vidro at second has to show he is healthy, and can stay healthy. He came back last year saying he was ok. Robinson took it easy on him in ST and still he was nowhere near the ballplayer he was prior to the summer of '04.

      In the outfield, Gullien may not even start the season. The other OF positions are basically up for grabs... for guys who have been hurt and have never played a full ML season (maybe Byrd has, but its been a few years). The bench has solid fill in role players, again no great shakes there. Starting catching shouldn't be a problem, but a guy to spell Schnieder is needed. Fick can do it, he's versatile elsewhere also.

      The bullpen is the strong point. Looks pretty solid as long as there are no injuries.

      Not much down on the farm, still building. Three first round picks should help this year.

      I think its realistic to say the Nationals can be competitive around 2008-9. If a an owner commited to winning (i.e., spending $$$) comes in, then definitely by then. I just hope they commit to the farm system.


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