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Farm affiliates of the future: AAA Norfolk? AA Richmond?

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  • Farm affiliates of the future: AAA Norfolk? AA Richmond?

    Wonder what the chances are that Nats HQ makes an intense effort to replace the O's in Norfolk when their agreement ends after next season (as does ours with Syracuse). It makes sense at a purely geographical level, of course, that we own Virginia as a market, and thus, that the decision-makers in Norfolk would be very interested in having that conversation.

    For the same obvious reason, have to have some interest in Richmond, too, though their agreement with the Giants doesn't conclude until 2020.


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    The Nationals and Orioles are very much in competition with each other. I believe whoever owns the Norfolk franchise will get a nice deal if he, or they, decide to have the Nationals and Orioles battle it out to have their AAA franchise placed there. Let the Nats and O's try to outbid one another. The Norfolk's owner(s) would be foolish not to play this strategy.
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      I think you're right about that. But/and, I think Nats should want it more. From a business perspective, they need to capture the VA market like the Redskins have owned it for all this time. Right now, looking at fan maps based on Facebook likes, the Orioles and Braves have way too much of a presence in the area, imo.


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        You have to keep in mind that the Braves entrenched themselves in Virginia when they had their Triple A team in Richmond from the mid-60's until 2008. Washington could have moved their Triple A team to Richmond immediately after the Braves left, but the Nationals went to Syracuse. However, I don't know if either Richmond or the Nationals really entertained the notion of working together. With Richmond being a Double A team for San Francisco now, I am sure if Washington wanted to place their Triple A there, Richmond would gladly accept. As for the Orioles, they took complete advantage of Washington not have a MLB team from 1972-2004.

        The Nationals need to go all in for the Norfolk affiliation after this season. As I stated, Norfolk will probably get the Orioles and Nats to try to outbid each other. The Nationals, if they want Norfolk, should do all they can to outbid the O's. If they can't get Norfolk, then they should begin establishing relationships with Richmond. They need their Triple A team in either one of those cities to establish a more significant footprint in Virginia.


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          Washington could have moved their Triple A team to Richmond immediately after the Braves left, but the Nationals went to Syracuse.
          My understanding was somewhat different--ie, that the International League deemed Richmond's stadium to be unsuitable for AAA ball. And then, later of course, the Eastern League saw the Richmond market as an opportunity for them, since no new stadium plans evolved. I get the impression from just some casual reading on the internet that Richmond is seen as a rejuvenated minor league market, but that they're not seeing any substantive movement on a new stadium yet--or at least, how they would pay for one, which is just kinda fundamental if you're actually going to do something. VCU is also involved in the discussion, but while you'd think that might mean that they're prepared to help with funding, that also hasn't yet materialized unless I missed something.

          But we 100% agree on the need for that Norfolk affiliation. And yes, Richmond is perhaps a Plan B, but it's not looking like they'd be a Plan B for 2020... maybe 2022. And maybe it would take some Nats funding to get that stadium project moving.


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            Thanks strut. Now it makes perfect sense about the Richmond situation and why Washington didn't place their Triple A team there 10 years ago.


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