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Roark stumbling, Turner down, and suddenly at the ASG break, we're scuffling

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  • Roark stumbling, Turner down, and suddenly at the ASG break, we're scuffling

    I'm glad we have a veteran manager at a time like this, because he's been through these times over the years, and has a good sense of how to deal with it best. But God knows, we could use another break of some kind.... someone stepping up and pitching or hitting lights-out... to counter-balance some of these other things dogging us.

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    Speaking of Dusty, I've never understood why so many do not like him. His San Francisco teams were almost always in contention and overachieved. The 2002 team won the pennant, the franchise's first in 40 years at that point. If you want to second guess some his moves in the World Series against the Angels, go ahead. Jeff Kent was on his way to becoming a journeyman infielder until he arrived in San Francisco and became a feared slugger for the next decade. Anybody who can handle a sour puss like Kent and a mercurial narcissist like Barry Bonds at the same time gets points in my book.

    The next year, he led the Cubs to within 5 outs of a World Series appearance. It wasn't Dusty's fault that a fan interfered and Alex Gonzalez booted a double play. People say he ruined Kerry Wood and Mark Prior's arms. The fact is, when Dusty arrived in 2003, Wood already had several surgeries and Prior had poor mechanics, which wasn't discovered until 2007. Blame the medical staff who pronounced Wood good to go and the scouts who wrote that Prior's mechanics were "flawless". As for them throwing over 100 pitches in their starts, name a manager that didn't do that with their starters back then? His last two years in Chicago weren't great, but Dusty wasn't the GM.

    Next stop is Cincinnati. Leads the Reds to their first post-season appearance in 15 years in 2010, wins 2 Central Division titles and appears in a Wild Card Game. Aroldis Chapman develops into one of the game's elite closers. Johnny Cueto blossoms into a solid starter. The Reds haven't had a winning season since Walt Jocketty fired him after a 90 win season in 2013.

    I feel Dusty is doing a good job in Washington. As you said, he's a veteran manager who has been in these situations before. A younger manager would be panicking a bit, but not Dusty.


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      Big start for Roark tomorrow vs the Mets. Even if Roark pitches well, the bats will have a big challenge facing Jacob deGrom.


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        Main complaint I ever heard about Dusty while he was in Cincy (I lived about an hour or so south near Lexington at the time) was a concern that he was too willing to stretch his starters out to big pitch counts. Not seeing that in WAS, for sure.

        Kinda glad that Roark got a reprieve with the rain out. Can't know if it will help, of course, but would like to think the additional day of rest will.


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