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Key for Doolittle appears to be getting the ball down

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  • Key for Doolittle appears to be getting the ball down

    But for whatever reason, seems every time he's come into a game so far, he spends several pitches at the top of the zone and above.

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    Pitching coaches at all levels stress to keep the ball down. One sign of a starting pitcher getting tired in late innings is when his pitches start going up in the zone.

    As for Doolittle, what's most concerning to me is the walks. He walked 2 this year with Oakland, now he has surpassed that total in 3 games with the Nationals. Tonight, he looked like Mitch Williams with that high wire act. Good thing the Nats were winning 8-2 when he entered. I'm not sure what Doolittle's issues are, but he needs to straighten them out now, unless he is injured. I guess the one positive thing thus far is Doolittle continues to strike guys out.


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      Nice Mitch Williams reference there.

      Once he settled in and started firing strikes down in the zone, it was all good.


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