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So how will Dusty use Kintzler?

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  • So how will Dusty use Kintzler?

    Conventional wisdom says he'll be the closer, but then, conventional wisdom has said so many things this season where it concerns Dusty, Rizzo and our bullpen--the latest being that Madson would be closer, given his appreciably better success over Doolittle. Also, notably, Kintzler has been a remarkably good closer for someone who doesn't register Ks. I'm curious to see how this goes.

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    I see a closer by committee with all three of them. The 7th, 8th and 9th innings are in good hands with Madson, Doolittle and Kintzer. Egos shouldn't be an issue assuming all three want to win a ring. I have much more confidence now in the pen than a month ago.


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      And yet, Dusty has said more than once since spring training that he's not big on the closer by committee concept. He's said that he believes guys should have roles so that they can anticipate how they're going to be used.

      And then again, countering that, Dusty also is as big as any manager could be on righty-lefty match-ups. In all my years watching baseball, I've never seen a team feature so many lefties in their bullpen as the Nats have in recent seasons.

      So while I can't help but think he will go with one guy as the closer, I could imagine a compromise where the set-up situation is flexible, and that the 7th and 8th innings are dictated by the line-up being faced on a given night, and who is actually due up in a given inning.

      But then, if that were to hold true, it would mean that either Madson or Kintzler is destined to be the closer (ie, since Doolittle would be the prohibitive LH in the mix). One argument for Madson is that he throws harder, and it seems Dusty prefers to have that strikeout ability going out there. On the other hand, Madson has begun to get entrenched in that set-up role, and Kintzler's success speaks for itself, albeit largely due to his ability to get ground balls--and importantly, I think, his ability to avoid HRs.

      Anxious to see it play out.


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