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That was a sweet 7-8-9 -- what kind of confidence does that breathe into this team?

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  • That was a sweet 7-8-9 -- what kind of confidence does that breathe into this team?

    According to, through 2/3 of the season, we are dead last among NL teams in how many runs on-average we have given up in the last three innings... 1.65.

    On the other hand, we are top dog, though, in how many runs on-average we score in the last three innings.... believe it or not, that number is also 1.65.

    So, we've been treading water there.

    So then, what happens when if we continue to generate that kind of run production, but slash our opponents' run production to something more like #5 Philly's 1.25 over the last third of the season?

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    Imagine if Kintzler, Madson and Doolittle were here from the beginning of the year? The Nationals would have about 15 more wins. While it is a small sample size, that trio has come exactly as advertised. Look at the game today. After the Nationals took the lead, I knew the game was over. Even if one of them gives up a hit or two, like Heyward's double off Madson, you are still confident they will get out of the inning. No offense to Albers, who is having his best year, or Koda before his injury, but I never had that confidence with them.


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      I like this quote from Brian Goodwin.

      "Those guys are coming in and shutting people down," center fielder Brian Goodwin said. "They're going right at hitters and attacking them, and they're being kind of vicious about it. Just the way they're throwing the ball, they're commanding the ball, and their presence on the mound, it's relaxing for us."


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