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How cool would it be for Dusty to go out managing a World Series champ?

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  • How cool would it be for Dusty to go out managing a World Series champ?

    Good read by Phil Rogers, focused on Dusty's unfortunate histories with bullpens sending his teams down the toilet, and yet, how this could be "the year."

    CHICAGO -- Brother, can you spare a reliever? Perhaps no one in baseball has more at stake than Nationals manager Dusty Baker. He's not guaranteed to keep his job if his talented team bows out of the postseason early, as it did last year, and Baker just might find himself in the Hall of Fame one day if it wins the World Series.

    It's got to be awkward, then, that the key to the Nats' survival may lie with a bullpen that so far has been the weakest among Major League contenders. Baker would already have guided one team to a championship, and maybe two, if bullpen struggles hadn't left him with a painful record in the biggest games he's managed.......

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    "Any manager could win with that potent offense, great starting pitching and that back end of the bullpen."

    "Buck Showalter would have won 120 games with all that talent."

    "Dusty is ruining Scherzer's arm! Scherzer pitched a compete game in the clinching game 5 of the World Series by throwing 96 pitches!"

    I've always liked Dusty, I hope he does win it all. The quotes above are obviously made up, but Dusty's critics will not go away if he wins it this year.


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