....This injury, like so many others, has been described as no big deal. “We think he’s okay,” Baker said of Strasburg. “He actually looks very at ease and at peace,” Baker said of Strasburg. “He will only miss one turn,” Baker said of Strasburg. Well, Strasburg’s now approaching his third missed start. Not sure how many Nats fans feel very at ease and at peace.

But pro athletes often navigate the news cycle with a tad less frenzy, and so even Eaton — who admitted to that moment of panic watching Scherzer walk off the mound — stressed the lack of stress.

“We know where we are in the race and can plan accordingly,” he said. “We don’t ride the roller coaster. We’re on the ground and we try to stay even keel. We don’t want to ride that. You guys can ride it, but we can’t afford to.”

“No panic whatsoever,” Tanner Roark said. “I’ve played catch with [Strasburg] multiple times. And he’s been throwing it pretty far and pretty well. He’s making sure [the achiness] doesn’t come back, so he’s ready to go the next time he comes out.”

Chill out about Scherzer and about Strasburg?

“Oh yeah,” Roark said. “Click cancel on all the panics.”.......
Me, I'll have to see Stras get through six innings clean before I can start to feel some peace.