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The advantage to being us instead of being the Dodgers is

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  • The advantage to being us instead of being the Dodgers is

    ... championship teams not only win in the regular season, but when they lose, they only lose after having put up a relentless fight. I think that becomes very important in the post season that your team has demonstrated a mentality that they give it their all until the last strike. And there is such a thing as winning so much that, when you face real adversity in a post-season series, it could be easy to feel things start slipping away really quickly. Psychologically, I just think there's potential for us to have an edge forged from building resilience.

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    Let's not forget that the Dodgers have winning records against all of the teams they have faced this year with the exception of the Nationals. I am looking forward to the series in September against the Dodgers. I would also add that LA could be peaking too soon. They have been on a tear for over 2 months and are due for a slow down, right? If they are slowing down or even slumping towards the end of the regular season, that usually does not bode well when the postseason arrives. More often than not, it's usually the team that is playing well at the end of the regular season that advances to the World Series.

    IMO, LA and the Nationals are similar. LA has about the same amount of injuries that we do. The starting staffs are about equal when healthy. We have the advantage in offense. What has separated the Dodgers from the Nats is their bullpen. While we were watching the Nats have bullpen implosions for the first 3 and a half months, Dodger fans were watching Kenley Jansen converting his saves chances. The Dodgers still have the advantage with their bullpen, even though we have closed the gap with the Doolittle, Madson and Kintler acquisitions.

    Before we worry about LA, let's worry about getting through the rest of this season without more injuries and getting guys like Bryce, Trea, and others coming of the DL time to work off the rust.


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      It looks like the breaks of the game have stopped going the Dodgers way, at least right now. LA is on a 8 game losing streak and have lost 13 of their last 14 games. Currently, the Nationals find themselves 5.5 games behind LA for the best record in the NL.


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