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If you catch Zimmerman's first HR ball...

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  • If you catch Zimmerman's first HR ball...

    ...What would you do with it? Keep it? Sell it? I would give it back to him for a few player autographed baseballs, including him.

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    Give it back for a ball autographed by Livan, Zimmerman, and Guillen
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      There's a good chance it'll be hit on the road as 13 of the first sixteen games are away games. Away the Nats play at Shea, Minute Maid, Dolphins Stadium and CBP in Philly. If hit at one of those maybe someone won't realize the potential significance of the HR and it'll be thrown back.

      If hit at RFK it'll have to be an upperdeck shot for a fan to get hold of it. He would more than likely get an RFK blast back.

      If I did happen to catch it the right thing to do would see that he gets it back. I'm certain something could be worked out.


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        It is quite possible (I live in NY) that I will be able to catch one of the opening games at Shea. If I am in a seat that the ball just so happens to be hit to, I would most definantely give it back to him for a few autographed things from the team.
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