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Clues Bill Ladson drops in his articles...

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  • Clues Bill Ladson drops in his articles...

    Bill Ladson drops rumors in every single article, not that they're good, but this one caught my eye:

    Originally posted by Bill Ladson
    With Lawrence out for an extended period of time, Washington is currently looking for help outside the organization. According to a baseball source, the Nationals are looking to acquire left-hander David Wells from the Red Sox.

    There are some concerns regarding Wells. He would like to be traded to the Padres and be near his home in San Diego. Wells also had right knee surgery during the offseason, but is expected to be ready for action soon. Then there's Wells' salary. He is scheduled to make a minimum of $4 million this season. But the dollar amount could climb to $9 million if he makes 30 starts. The Nationals would like the Red Sox to pay most, if not all, of the salary.

    General manager Jim Bowden was not available for comment.

    Wells, who went 15-7 with a 4.46 ERA with Boston in 2005, has a history with Bowden. They worked together in 1995, when both were with the Reds. Bowden has often credited Wells for helping the team win the division title that year and advance to the National League Championship Series against the Braves. That season, Wells was 6-5 with a 3.59 ERA for Cincinnati after coming over from the Tigers in a trade.
    David Wells analysis. Had an above-average year with Boston, is past his 40's, is on a slow decline, and even RFK wouldn't salvage his career.

    Originally posted by Bill Ladson
    [...]Bowden said that trade rumors involving Nick Johnson, Church and Soriano are not true. A published report had Bowden talking to the Red Sox about right-hander Bronson Arroyo for those players. ... The Nationals decided not to go after Red Sox left-hander David Wells, believing that he isn't healthy enough. ... Outfielder Christian Guerrero, the cousin of Vladimir Guerrero, had to leave the Nationals because of a family tragedy. Three members of his family were killed in a car crash. ... Catcher Wiki Gonzalez is not in camp because his wife is having a baby. ... Hernandez had his dog, "Blue," in the clubhouse. The dog is a malamute. It was the second animal spotted in the Nationals clubhouse this spring. During the first day of camp, Robert Fick had his kitten, Paul Wall, roaming around in the clubhouse.
    The part in bold is important, but if you read later on, there's some amusing stuff written.

    So, according to Billy, Wells will not come to RFK (thank God!)

    And I don't think even Jimbo would be that BAD of a GM if he acquired Arroyo for Johnson, Soriano and Church! What Gm in their right mind would do something like that!

    Arroyo and Crisp for Soriano and Byrd would put a smile on my face.
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