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Wilkernator's daily: The Nats real problem is pitching...not offense.

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  • Wilkernator's daily: The Nats real problem is pitching...not offense.

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    The Nationals problem is not's pitching.
    Last season Washington finished last in almost every offensive category, their pitching however was another story.

    With names like Livan Hernandez, the unsung hero John Patterson, innings-eater Esteban Loaiza, closer extroardinaire Chad Cordero and reliable setup man Luis Ayala, the Nats had solid pitching rotation and bullpen. But this year, things don't look so great; Livan Hernandez's knee isn't looking any better, Esteban Loaiza and Hector Carrasco were lost to free-agency, Brian Lawrence's season-eating shoulder surgery and the inconsistency of Ryan Drese and Ramon Ortiz to deal with. The late addition of Pedro Astacio compensates for the loss of Lawrence.

    Now back to present time, Spring Training started a few weeks ago, the Nationals have posted a despicable 2-11 mark, last in the Grapefruit league with the most runs against (105 runs against) and averaging a hefty 6.66 runs against per game.

    This does not bode well for the future, the Nats young pitchers are not heating it up, most of them having high ERA's and being wineless. Here is the consequence: the Nationals future pitching staff is in serious jepordy with only few to rely on, to name a few: Michael Hinckley, Bill Bray, some of the Nationals brightest future lights will probably start the season in the minors.

    On the plus side, offensive life seems to have returned, the Nationals have hit 20 HR, which is the most in the Grapefruit league but probably won't carry on into the season...see RFK Stadium. The Nationals have scored 63 runs, good for 12th in the Grapefruit league and are 9th in hits with 121.

    The future seems uncertain, but the present is for real

    Signed: The Wilkernator.
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    Our pitching will be fine. It always is. Livan and Patterson will be good and Ortiz will be as good as Loaiza was pitching in the cavern that is RFK. My concern is Cordero; can he as good as he was last year? The real concern is going to be offense. Soriano is a capable hitter but I think that RFK is going to have a negative impact on his stats, not to mention his attitude. Guzman's shoulder is toast, we've got Royce Clayton to fall back on. Schneider, Soriano and Clayton will average about .320 OBA and the fact that Guillen is already ailing doesn't bode well for us. Zimmerman, while he may be good, will inevitably hit the rookie wall and all this mean our pitching will have to be exceptional all year long and that takes a toll. Pitching like you can't make a mistake is something that tends to make pitchers throw worse than they are capable of. Hopefully it all works out but Jackass Bowden has traded all of our pitching depth for toolsy OF'ers. He's screwed this team bad. To quote Dave Chapelle loosely, "I HATE him and he STINKS!"


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      I have to disagree with you wilk.

      The pitching (mainly our starting pitching) doesn't look great right now, but keep in mind: last season in Spring, Patterson and Ayala had the highest ERAs of the roster players and look how their season turned out. You can't count out guys like Ramon Ortiz, Felix Rodriguez, or Pedro Astacio this early.
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