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  • The inside pitch Roster Projection


    Apparently it's updated daily.

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    Doesn't look like there's anything earth shattering, pretty much what I'd expect.

    I do see Pedro Astacio in the 5th spot, which was a moderate surprise. Astacio is a guy who could do well for us. He spent his prime in pitcher's hell in Colorado, and it looks to me like he's always been a much better pitcher when he's pitched in pitcher's parks. He did well with San Diego at the end of last year, so he'll probably be able to contribute to this team. I could be wrong though.


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      The projected size of our DL is troubling.

      Mike DeFelice was sent to minor league camp so he won't be our backup catcher which is troubling considering he has good defense and was a great hitter this spring. Alberto Castillo might've won the job as a reward for helping get Soriano to play LF, though.
      The Q: Can the Cubs hold a 6-5 lead with 2 outs and nobody on in the 9th?

      The A: No

      ***********My Rant on Bud Selig***********
      Selig is like a stray pigeon. Pigeons are too self-absorbed to care about anyone else. They poo on people they don't like; they poo on people they don't even know. The only real difference between Selig and a pigeon is that Selig intends to bury our heritage, our traditions, and our culture,


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