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Lawmakers get involved in TV blackout-Comcast issue; Comcast responds

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  • Lawmakers get involved in TV blackout-Comcast issue; Comcast responds

    Comcast issues a statement in response

    As much as I think Angelos is a a**hole, I am having a hard time defending Comcast on this now. If every other cable provider in the region is willing to pick up the broadcasts, why not Comcast? Furthermore, if Comcast doesnt resolve this on their own, they might be called to a congressional hearing to explain themselves.
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    While Comcast is largely to blame, I'm not entirely sympathetic to the majority of people who have Comcast cable, either—dump them and get DirecTV!!!! (Of course, for people who have tall trees or live in apartments facing the wrong way, that solution doesn't work, which is why I said "the majority of people.")
    I will not assimilate into the Angelos Collective. Resistance is not futile.


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      Call me a conspiracy nut, but I wouldn't be surprised if the toad were behind yesterday's rally. The dispute is between him and Comcast over whether Comcast had a right of first refusal to broadcast Orioles games after '06. Due to the awful deal MLB negotiated, Nats fans are caught in the middle. The lawmakers making these veiled (or not so veiled) threats are just chest puffing for the sake of publicity. This is just a dispute between business entities that Congress should have nothing to do with.


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        With all the trade moves today, almost lost was the story that the FCC is going to require Comcast to enter into binding arbitration with MASN as a condition to Comcast's merger with Adelphia. This is potentially great news for those of us still without the Nats on TV.


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          MASN needs to go out of business

          The Nats need to have their own TV deal. Right now they are 9 years away from owning 30% of a shared "network" that broadcasts about 3.5 hours per game day. If Comcast being stubborn means that MASN goes out of business, I'm all for it. Especially since my Nats get a guaranteed payment from MASN, regardless of revenue (although I'm sure that payment is WAY below what they could negotiate on their own).

          I have Cox cable & can watch the Nats all the time - but again, I'd prefer not to be giving That Man any of my money.


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