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  • Nationals Park ticket pricing

    As I expected, the pricing has been scaled back for several parts of Nationals Park. Comparing this year's diagram to last year's, I see:

    * Sections 237-239, which were empty at many games, have left the RF Mezzanine and become Scoreboard Pavilion.
    * Sec. 138-139 have joined the RF Reserved.
    * The front half of sec. 135-136 is now the same price as the back half, RF Corner.
    * Sec. 108-110 is now all LF Corner, whereas last year parts were Baseline Reserved and even Baseline Box.
    * Sec. 103 and 107, coming from opposite sides, have each joined the LF Box area.

    Curiously, this means tickets in section 103--the leftfield power alley, next to the vistors bullpen--have gone up several dollars, but in every other part of the park that I mentioned, seats have dropped to the next-cheaper price category, or even the one below that.

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