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Nationals release Michael Tucker. Ryan Church to come up?

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  • Nationals release Michael Tucker. Ryan Church to come up?

    Big deal. He wasn't very good anyway.
    Maybe Jimbo felt bad sending down Church and he'll call him up?

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    Tucker's had a respectable career, but so muchmore was expected of him when the Royals drafted him in the 2nd round many years ago.
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      I know some of you out there think Ryan Church is God, but dont count on him coming back up in light of the release of Michael Tucker. Tucker was battling Daryle Ward for the last spot on the bench. The 25-man roster is set for Opening Day, and face it, Ryan Church is starting the year with the Zephyrs.


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        Tucker didn't have a roster spot which is why he was released. Church will still be in New Orleans.
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