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    Last night two Nationals batters were plunked by Mets pitching. Soriano had his helmet cracked in two.

    Tonight Pedro Martinez hit Guillen and Johnson both twice.

    In the ninth Lo Duca got plunked by the Nats Felix Rodriguez. The Nats pitcher was the only one tossed.

    Obviously its the umpire's call. He most certainly thought it was intentional on the Nationals pitcher's part, and looking at replay there is no doubt it was intentional.

    Now the hitter's own the plate, they can stand right on top of it because a warning has been issued. If a pitcher comes inside he has the fear of being tossed from the game.

    The umpire acts on policy from MLB. If he doesn't enforce it he risks the wrath of his employers.

    Oh, for the days of letting the players handling the situation.

    Mgr. Robinson's policy in the past is one of non-retaliation. I wonder if this changed tonight. Guillen certainly took some solace in Rodriguez's action. He was hit three times in two games.

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    Even with the warnings and Robinson's policy the pitchers can take things into their own hands.
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