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Robinson: 1000 Wins

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  • Robinson: 1000 Wins

    Frank Robinson reached another milestone in a career that began 50 years ago. Tonight with a 10-4 victory by the Nationals over the Phillies, Robinson garnered his one thousandth career win as a major league manager.

    Congratulations to Frank Robinson.

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    Congrats Frank on the milestone!

    I was watching that game 'bout that Nick Johnson? That guy was swinging a lethal bat tonight.


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      Hopefully by some miracle, we get him to his 1100 win by the end of the season.

      You never know. Livan, Patterson, Armas, and Traber are pitching decent and outside of Eischen, our bullpen has been serviceable. Our offense can pack more of a punch this year with Soriano, Vidro, Johnson, Church, Zimmerman, and hopefully a healthy Guillen swinging the bat well along with some good offense coming off the bench from Ward, Byrd, and LeCroy.
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        He should have reached the milestone sooner, but it's still great that he reached it and with the Nats no less!
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