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  • No Werth discussion?

    I am stunned that no one has a post on the Jayson Werth acquisition. As a lifelong Phillies fan, I can tell you that you have signed a fine baseball player. If we think of his addition as a trade for Adam Dunn, you have lost some but not a lot of power and RBIs, cut down on strikeouts although not greatly, stayed at about the same batting average, improved in defensive ability and speed, and lost Washington's barbers a great deal of money. (They don't call Werth the "Wolf Man" for nothing.) It could also prove to be a financial disaster because Jayson isn't "Werth" anything close to $126 million. If he is, Willie Mays would have earned the equivalent of a billion dollars every season. He has never shown a consistent ability to hit in the clutch, e.g., his average with runners on third and less than two out was less than .100 for most of last season. Werth is the kind of player that would put an already pretty good team over the top, but he will not carry the Nats this season. All that, of course, is subject to change from season to season. One thing for certain: He'll have difficulty hitting the Phillies' starting pitching next season. But, then, so will everyone else.

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    Yeah but he's Werth a lot of money.


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      There is no post here because it was discussed under "Current Events". Like Strasburg's debut, the signing was a little more mainstream than local. I posted a lot in the thread and so did a few other Nats fans.


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        I actually think it's not a good deal. of course he will make the nats better and give them some more wins, however the team is still in the build up phase and at least 3-4 seasons away from competing.

        when they might be finally ready to compete werth will be in his mid 30s(and maybe in his decline) and cost a lot of money.

        I'd like them to further build up the farm system or get young players for the team and then acquire the big FA when the team is ready.

        I guess this was a signing to attract more fans. in big markets fans dont accept rebuild phases and only watch the games if there are some superstars. so this might be a move for financial reasons.

        Of course it also will make the team better (better a 75 win team than the usual 60 win nationals), but I could see that move being detrimental to the end goal which is not fielding a decent team in 2011 but competing for the playoffs in 2015 or so.
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          The Nats faithful were starting to get very frustrated. At the end of season banquet for season ticket holders, a lot of disgust was brought to the attention of members of the Lerner family, Mike Rizzo, and other officials associated with the team. Most of the season ticket holders, myself included, were not going to "re-up" our packages unless something was done to curve the ongoing problem...losing. We were assured by Rizzo and one of the Lerner sons that a splash was going to be made soon enough (I was assuming 2012, not 2010/11).

          I'm not a fan of the deal either; however, I completely understand why the Rizzo did what he did. The Nats need a big name player. Year after year the Nats throw top dollar at the best free agents to see the players turn them down. Finally, in 2010, a player took a Nationals offer. The deal now makes the Nats "look good" to the players union, agents, and players themselves. The move shows the Nats, more importantly the Lerners, are not playing around any more. The money and years are the biggest problems and its hard to defend that; however, I want to point out some of the positives. The Nats get one of the best all-around outfielders in baseball the past few years. Werth is a what I call a "limited" five-tool player. He plays stellar defense, is a complete hitter, shows flashes of speed, and can roam any position in the outfield (this one is big looking at the future). When Harper finally makes his debut, Werth will move to center and the Nats can cut ties with the mosquito named Nyjer Morgan. Also, the Nats did not have to give up their first round draft pick to sign the guy because its a locked pick; therefore, the Nats get a top notch outfielder and maintain a great pick in the upcoming draft (one of the deepest in history).

          Regarding the farm system, I know you can never have enough budding talent in the minors. Let's face it though, the Nats have one of the deepest farm systems in baseball and continually refuel the pot when someone leves. The problem with the entire organization is leadership and "veteran-ship". Before the Werth signing, there was NO leadership or veterans taking charge. Zimmerman is the face of the franchise, but truth be told, a guy in his low 20s has a tough time establishing himself as a leader and is nowhere close to being a veteran. The pitching staff has a few, LEVO and Marquis come to mind, but even they have flaws: LEVO can barely speak English and Marquis spent 80% of the year on the DL. Bottom line, the team needs veterans and leaders. Werth can fill both of those voids better than anyone else on the team.

          On a side note, I'm rather upset the Nats went into the off-season wanting / needing pitching and have done virtually nothing in the department. I wish they would have pushed for Webb harder, but what's done is done. The pitching this year is likely to be abysmal yet again inside the Beltway. I was hoping they'd attack Millwood for a two-year deal, but the Nats haven't been connected with Millwood the entire winter.


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            I'm disappointed the Nats weren't able to pick up another starter too. I think Rizzo did what he could to make that happen, but if guys like Delarosa don't want to play here despite the money Rizzo threw at him, there's not much he can do right now. Rizzo was offering more than the team could afford to give up for Grenke, and he vetoed the deal. I would like to have gotten Francis to hopefully eat innings, but there aren't any starters left out there that are better than what we (potentially) have. If all the stars align, and Wang can come back and Marquis returns to his '09 form, the staff will be better than they were last year without Strasburg.
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              Some good news for us Peorgie, the Nats traded three minor league prospects to the Cubs for Tom Gorzellany. Pretty good deal in my opinion. The Nats gave up AJ Morris, Michael Burgess, and Graham Hicks. So a lot of rookie ball and high-A ball prospects for a major league ready starter. Not too shabby...


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                Hopefully, he can pitch 6-7 innings on a regular basis.


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