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To Nationals Fans With Inside Info: What Is Pudge's Situation with the Nats?

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  • To Nationals Fans With Inside Info: What Is Pudge's Situation with the Nats?

    To Nationals Fans who follow the team closely - Do you think Ivan 'Pudge' Rodriguez will be with the team next year? I believe this is the last year of a two-year contract for him.
    He's pretty much become a backup catcher. At this rate he will probably be forced into retirement before he could reach 3,000 hits. Entering the season at age 39 with 2817 hits, he'd need to average 61 hits per season to reach 3,000 hits by the end of the 2013 season. He's definitely not going to reach that at his current rate. His reduced playing time this year has limited him to 40 at bats for the month of April. (He already is up to about a record 2,400 games at Catcher and each time he takes the field behind the plate he continues to put that record further and further out of reach.)
    Does the team's front office seem to be conducive to the idea of keeping him around beyond this season?

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    I'm afraid I don't have any "inside information" as to what the Nationals organization might be planning for Rodriguez. He's still a good catcher, does well at handling the sometimes shaky pitching staff (Who appear to have improved somewhat thus far in 2011) and is also a team leader.

    However, at 39 years old his age does appear to be showing-last season he played in 111 games, hitting .266 with 4 home runs and 49 RBI. He was hitting .295 before the All-Star break, but only .236 in the second half of the season. This season, he's hitting an even .200 with 1 homer and 8 RBIs in 12 games.

    Wilson Ramos appears to have taken over the role as primary catcher with Pudge relegated to a backup role. I would imagine it will be up to him to decide what he wants to do-if he really wants to reach that 3000 hit plateau he may want to pursue it as a DH in the AL.
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      If he's not traded, there's no way he'll be a Nat next year.


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        John Norris Is Doing Well At Harrisburg. That May Make Pudge Expendible.


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