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    Where is the best place to be before and after a game in your city?

    This summer I will be making my way around the country visiting all 30MLB ballparks. For my inspiration see
    When I go to Cleveland I will be shown around by Matt Van Wormer who writes for We will be eating lunch before the game a restaurant that was featured on Man Vs Food, arriving at the park a few hours before game time to check things out, and sitting in the “Social Media Suite”. It’s shaping up to be an amazing once in a lifetime experience. I will tell you all about it once I am in Cleveland.

    That got me to thinking that maybe I should seek out a “tour guide” in each city. It’s not a particularly hard position just meet up with me and show me where the fun spots are and show me around the park. Basically I am looking for somebody to be an ambassador to your city. I'm looking to experience and document the best possible game day environment in each park. If this is something that interests you please email me at [email protected]. You can find my schedule Here

    As I said before I will be documenting every aspect of my trip. Please feel free to take a look at my blog and join me for my adventure. You can also find me on Facebook: or twitter:

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    Depending on when you'll be in New York, I may be available.
    Put it in the books.


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      Originally posted by milladrive View Post
      Depending on when you'll be in New York, I may be available.
      I will be at The Yankees game on April 15th where I will be meeting up with, world record holder for the fastest 30 games in 30 ballparks Chuck Booth, and Gary Herman of Royalty Tours USA. Chuck will be flying in from a game in Toronto earlier that day in pursuit of a new world record so hopefully he makes it. This journey is about meeting new people as well so if you're available I'd love to be able to say hello.

      I will also be attending a Mets game on April 20th. I will be honored as part of the welcome back veterans program at the end of the third inning. My seats our in the first row right behind the dugout and as far as I know I have two extra tickets for this event, that I potentially be parting with if none of my friends can make it.



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