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A's series = Microcosm of Nats' year so far

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  • A's series = Microcosm of Nats' year so far

    1. Every time you start to think the bullpen is settling in, they give new reason for doubt.

    2. As much as you hope the 5th starter thing can get settled, there's continued reason for doubt.

    3. You can take Harper out of the line-up, but this is still a top-tier offense, and that's scary.

    4. There might not be a better first four starters in the league, too.

    Needless to say, for this team to finally progress to the promised land, a lot needs to happen with pitchers beyond the first 4 starters.

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    It's a foregone conclusion that Washington will win the NL East this season with every other team in the division under .500. In the post season, teams have won World Series recently with 4 starters. None of those teams had starters that were as talented as Washington's, with two aces in Strasburg and Scherzer. But you can't ask Gio, Scherzer and company to go out and pitch complete games in the playoffs and you can't ask the offense to out slug the opponent. The relief corps is the main issue with this team. Albers can't do it alone. Kelley needs to return to his 2015 and 2016 form. Either somebody steps up who is already on the roster, i.e. Kelley, call up a minor leaguer, look at the waiver wire or make a trade. Obviously, other teams know Washington needs relievers and will ask for top prospects in return.


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      Steve, I'd amend that to say.... Albers can't do it... consistently.

      Hopefully, his ATL debacle this week was just a one-off but then, that's what we've been hoping was the case every time us Nats fans started thinking, "Okay, ___________ pitched well this time... maybe he's got this now."


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