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Our Brooklyn Dodger History!

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  • Though she wasn't a Dodger player, Dottie Reese -- wife of Pee Wee -- deserves a mention following her recent death. She came across as very gracious in "The Boys of Summer."

    Dorothy Walton Reese, who was married to Hall of Famer Pee Wee Reese for 57 years, died March 7, 2012, in Louisville at age 89. (Pee Wee passed away in


    • Given the newspaper in which it appeared, it's not surprising that the emphais here is on this man's L.A. history rather than his time in Brooklyn. But it's nice to know about him anyway:

      Here's how it begins.

      "April 10--Bill DeLury was 17 years old and about to graduate from high school in Brooklyn when a friend, a local priest, asked him what he planned to do once he graduated.

      "I said 'I don't know,"' DeLury recalled. "He said, 'I have a friend that runs an employment agency in downtown Brooklyn. I'll call him and you can run down and see him.'

      "Lo and behold, the day before that the Brooklyn Dodgers called their agency (looking) for a mail boy."

      DeLury got an interview, then the job and reported to work in the Dodgers' mail room Sept. 1, 1950. The rest is history.

      Almost 62 years later, he is one of only two current Dodgers employees who has been with the team since it moved to Los Angeles."


      • Originally posted by DODGER DEB View Post
        I am starting this NEW THREAD to cover OUR ENTIRE BROOKLYN DODGER HISTORY in PHOTOS, NEWS STORIES and ARTICLES of INTEREST. I invite ALL members to enjoy it, and contribute to it.

        How PROUDLY she will always stand....OUR EBBETS glorious black & white.

        From an eBay listing.

        Interesting thread, and the legacy of the Brooklyn Dodgers lives on. I've always believed there's a more accurate way to look at MLB teams, past and present, and that's what happens while that club was playing for that specific city. For example, while the current Dodgers franchise was originally from Brooklyn, it's different because they have been representing LA since the late 1950s. I just don't associate the great Brooklyn Dodger players with LA, even if a few, like Duke Snider, played there near the end. Two different entities in my mind. Ditto for the New York/San Francisco Giants, and Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves.


        • Nice gesture by the NBA's Brooklyn Nets. They've invited Ralph Branca and Joe Pignatano to their home opener at Barclays Center.


          • Fun piece from the Jewish Press about how some fans came to bond with the Brooklyn Dodgers:



            • Happy Birthday Duke Snider............................woulda been 87 today.
              you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


              • May 1957 Sunday Dodgers won 3-2 on a 2 run homer by Gil Hodges


                • Out of curiosity what happened to BBF member DODGER DEB?
                  Strikeouts are boring! Besides that, they're fascist. Throw some ground balls - it's more democratic.-Crash Davis


                  • The fellows who run the brooklyndodgermemories forum are in touch with her occasionally. It sounds like she's doing OK. Her departure from BBF stemmed from differences of opinion that are better left at rest.


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