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Brooklyn Dodger Cap (Replica) Repost

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  • Brooklyn Dodger Cap (Replica) Repost

    Hello Friends of Brooklyn's Dodgers,

    Sorry for the repost but I posted this message about a year ago and I received one reply. I am still wearing my worn out cap and am looking for a replacement. My intention with the post was to ask anyone the question: Which of todays replicas most closely depict the 1955 championship year cap? I go on to explain some details in my old post.

    Here goes, again...

    I want to purchase a new (replica) Brooklyn Dodgers cap since the one I currently wear I use when playing softball. I wear my Dodger cap instead of our own team cap in honor of my late father who was a die hard Dodgers of Brooklyn fan. I only know and love this team because of his stories. So, I wear the cap to honor both his and the team's memory.

    Anyway I want a cap from the '55 year. My current cap is made by New Era and was purchased by me about 15-20 years ago. I see that there are a few different "styles" of Dodger "B"'s on caps claiming to be of '55-57 vintage. I am NOT talking about all the other variations from styles prior to 1955, only 1955-1957. I realize that the Cooperstown Collection has a cap from '39-'57 that reembles the "B" on my cap. I also noticed that in doing a google for Dodger caps, there seems to be a few variations in the style of the "B"; some have a more swiping "curve" as opposed to the "curl" at the top and bottom of the "B" logo if you look closely. Even the "B" itself appears to be more curvey(?) than in some variations. Well, I realize (through photos of players) that the "B" did vary throughout their history. I would like a cap that defines the championship team of 1955. All the caps run about $21-$25.

    Is there any old timers out there that can point me in the right direction? If you love this team then I am not telling you something you don't already know about some of these replica caps these days. I just want to buy the right one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    One day I'll post about my father and family's tie to their beloved Dodgers. Again, I know this team via oral history, notwithstanding archival video footage. But it was the stories I heard when I was a kid that have affected me and caused me to have an emotional affection for this once revered team. Please help a would-be- wanna-be fan.

    Thank you,

    Lou, NY

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    Hopefully this helps


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      Originally posted by GotMelk? View Post

      Yes, thank you but I've searched al there is to finding a cap. My question is really for the folks who remember what the origianl 1955 cap logo looked like and what replica of today most resembles it.



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        hi lou: i know exactly what you mean by an "authentic" letter B on the cap. be very wary of some of the brooklyn cap claims. many of them are cheezy and not acceptable. i have 8 dodger caps (mostly new era), and refuse to buy/wear/accept the bogus B caps. the B cannot be too skinny or large. i found a really nice cap last winter. it had the brooklyn B perfectly, but, alas, the button on top of the cap was blue! i bought it anyway (because the B was great), and when i got home i spray-painted the button white (after carefully masking off the rest of the cap). good luck, and don't settle for a crummy cap. regards, pete trunk, NJ
        you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


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          Hi Pete,

          Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. I have really obsessed over trying to find a replica of the 1955 issue cap.

          I have found a small company in NY called the Cooperstown Ball Cap Co. who make replica hats by hand based upon HOF originals. I ordered a '55 cap and recieved it about two weeks ago but returned it because the "B" was missing the diamond cutout on the spine of the B where the two loops meet. I have not found any photo evidence depicting the lack of the cutout on 1940's -1950's era caps. So, I returned the cap with a photo of the cap with cutout and a note stating that I would like the cutout on the B. The cap was returned untouched with a note from the owner stating that the 1955 cap had a solid spine on the B - she included a xerox photo of Johnny Podres wearing his cap with his autograph and World Series MVP on it and it looks like the cutout is not present. She said that the cutout was not present in '55 but that my photo depicted a '57 year cap. I never knew such a cap existed and the owner insists that my cap is 1955 replica authentic in every detail and modeled after a HOF original.

          What do you think? Do you know of such a style of B logo minus the cutout? What make is the cap with the correct B that you picked up? Can you send me a photo? All I really wanted to get was a 1955 season issue replica cap but I see that this is almost impossible.

          Please write me back and you can even private email me if you like at [email protected].

          Thank you,

          Lou, NY


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            The most original cap I have is a sized hat. I have two, each one made by Roman Company. One is marked Roman Company of Randolph, Mass.; the other is marked Roman Coampany of Brockton, Mass. There is also the Cooperstown Collection which I think got them from Roman and have been approved by MLB with their tag stamp as "authentic".

            You might also try Ebbets Field Flannels who pride themselves on authenticity of uniforms and hats of minor league and older teams not currenty in use.


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              skaucat: i have pm'd you re: the authentic dodger cap. hope this helps.
              you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


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