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I would have loved to experience Brooklyn!

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  • I would have loved to experience Brooklyn!

    Greetings, all,

    My dad was a catcher for Brooklyn in 1946. His name was Ferrell "Andy" Anderson. He played 17 years total, but spent one year with Brooklyn and one year with St. Louis in 1953. The rest of the time he was with minor league clubs like the St. Paul Saints.

    I was born in 1954 and my dad retired from ball a couple of years later. So I never got see any of what he and the rest of my family experienced. Growing up I remember the many neat stories my folks told regarding Brooklyn and the wonderful fans. I would give my right arm to go back in time and see what it must have been like. I've thought about visiting Brooklyn and seeing where EF stood, but I guess all I'd see is an apartment building. Oh, well.

    I'd even love to visit with Duke Snider or ANY living Dodger. I'd even give up getting their autographs just to hear a few memories of my dad. ANyone have any insight into how someone like me could connect with these former players?

    Hey, I can see there are still many fans around after all these years. That's incredible. I thought I'd attach some pics I have of my dad from back then. Hope it brings back warm memories, etc.!

    Best wishes to all,
    Todd Anderson (Ferrell's #3 son)
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    Todd, I took a look at that '46 roster, and if I'm not mistaken, the only man still with us is Ralph Branca. And since your dad was a catcher, he quite likely handled Ralph that year. There may be something there.

    Nice photos!

    PS: I Believe Jean-Pierre Roy is still with us too, but he only pitched a few games.
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      VIBaseball is right. Your father played for Brooklyn in '47 and Duke's first year was '47. But maybe they played in the minors together?

      Thanks for the pictures.
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        Welcome to OUR Forum, Todd.

        It is always wonderful to hear from family members of OUR DODGERS. WE have had a few through the years. Those photos are fabulous! Thank you for sharing them with US.

        Many of OUR Dodgers are really getting on in years now, and for some, it is very difficult getting around. However, ever so often they do appear. As soon as I hear of any appearances, I immediately post them.

        You should contact DUKE and RALPH. I am sure they would be glad to hear from the son of a former teammate. Listening to you tell how you were born "too late" to have experienced OUR DODGERS at OUR Ebbets Field reminds me of Mark Reese, who was born in 1957, and missed out on seeing his Dad, OUR Great HOF Shortstop PEE WEE REESE, play.

        If you live within the NYC Metro area, RALPH BRANCA will be appearing at the Museum of the City of New York on October 9th, 2007 at 6:30PM. This is part of huge Exhibition called "The Glory Days - New York Baseball 1947-1957", which is fantastic.

        YOU would have absolutely LOVED being with US at OUR Ebbets Field everyday, watching OUR DODGERS. Here it is 50 years later, and OUR DODGERS are still loved by the most loyal and true fans baseball has ever seen. OUR , from day one, has been the most posted, and highly regarded, here on BBF.



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          Great hearing from all of you!

          Many thanks for the warm welcome and the sage advice! TREMENDOUS!

          I figured that all that may still be around would be Duke Snider. Didn't know about Branca. That would be great if I could get a moment with either player, either in person or by mail. I'll see what I can do. I just orderd a book that has players addresses. Maybe that will help. Was Snider in the Dodgers in '46? I didn't know. If he wasn't , then I know my dad played against him when he was with the Cardinals for sure. Is Reece still alive, I wonder? It's amazing how time has whittled down the roster, isn't it?

          My dad first met Jackie Robinson when he played at Montreal (just prior to joining the Dodgers in '46). In 1947 my dad was at spring training with Jackie before he got cut (rats). Anyway, my dad used to tell me how Jackie initially wasn't allowed to eat in the dining hall with the other players. As a result, my dad and few other players would eat with Jackie in the kitchen!

          I've attached a couple of pictures that are pretty to dear to me. One is a photo signed by Jackie Robinson. Dunno how easy it will be for you to read. It says:

          "To Andy with best wishes always. It was a real pleasure breaking into baseball with a fellow like yourself. Sincerely, Jackie Robinson"

          Ironically, another attached photo shows my dad tagging Jackie out at home, when my dad played for the '53 Cardinals. I don't know how many times Jackie stole home, or how many of those times a catcher tagged him out, but I'd love to know! I know by '53, Jackie's legs weren't what they were when he started.

          I stumbled across a pic of my dad with Chuck Connors. You all might remember him from the TV show, "The Rifleman." He was a spring training in Cuba once with my dad. Can't recall the details. Was Connors with the Dodgers in spring training? Thought you all might enjoy that pic as well.

          If my dad was still with us, he'd be 89, I think. Leukemia took him at age 60. Much too young, fer sure. That was an interesting fact about Pee Wee's son not getting to see his dad play. I'd love to even talk to Pee Wee's son—we could cry on each other's shoulders! (grin)

          Ebbets much have been something to see. I've heard the fans were absolutely sold out on their "bums." I especially thought the scorebaord was awesome. I read something about the sponsor "Schaeffer" that was on the scoreboard (is that right?). Something like the "h" would light up when someone got a hit, and the "e" would light up if there was error. Priceless!

          Love to hear all your memories. They're worth far more than I could pay you! Respond anytime, only as time permits.

          Todd Anderson
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            Welcome aboard, Todd!

            Hi Todd, I just looked up your father's career record at two different websites. Baseball-Fever's "sister" site Baseball-Almanac provides this:

            Ferrell Anderson stats

            While I hesitate to refer to another website, also provides some transaction information, so that you can see what other organizations your dad was affiliated with:

            More Ferrell Anderson stats...

            GREAT photos! Thanks for sharing them!

            PS Chuck Connors appeared in 1 game with the 1949 DODGERS and in 66 games with the 1951 Chicago Cubs. He did spend some time playing in Montreal, perhaps this is where your father knew him?
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              hi todd: the pictures you posted are simply GREAT! thank you. the picture of your dad leaning on the bat is awesome! those were the dodgers' SATIN uni's that they wore for some night games. really wonderful. regards, pete
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                Todd -

                To answer some of your questions:

                PEE WEE sadly passed away 8/14/99

                Chuck Connors died in 1992 or 1993

                Another teammate on the 1946 Montreal Royals was GEORGE SHUBA, who just wrote a book. You can contact him on . On his site is some further contact info (e-mail address).

                Some of OUR players also played with the St. Paul Saints.

                You are right, OUR Ebbets Field was PRICELESS to US....and still is! Your description of OUR Scoreboard is "right on". Schaefer Beer was a big sponsor for the last years at OUR Ebbets Field. And, yes, the "h" and the "e" would light up, as you described.

                You could also check OUR BBF archives, which go back to 2002. They are filled with some wonderful treasured memories by those of US who were fortunate to have been there, while OUR history was happening.

                I will PM you with some contact info.

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                  Let me add my welcome as well Todd. The photos are great and I am pretty sure, most have them have never been posted before. Any others you have would certainly be appreciated.
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                    First off, let me apologize to ALL you nice folks who have written. I work on a computer, yet I'm a pinhead when it comes to responding to these messages. Example: I'm probably violating some protocol by making you all "scroll" a half mile to view all these photos. If someone can hold my hand on the proper way to do this stuff, I'll sure try to do better.

                    I had no idea that the Dodgers wore "satin" uniforms! Unreal! I still have my dad's Cardinals jersey, although I'm not sure how it survived all these years. Example: I remember when I was little, dad would change the oil on our cars. Guess what he would wipe the dipstick off with? His old Dodger jersey! Used it for an oil rag for a long time. (sigh) He had no idea such items would be in demand some day. If he did, he would have been sick!

                    Thanks for the info on Pee Wee's passing. Sure sad. Maybe I can meet his son someday. That'd be a hoot.

                    I remember when Connors died. I met his son at a gun show in Tulsa this past year. His boy (Kevin, I think was his name) looks just like his dad.

                    Thanks also for the website info on George Shuba. I'll try and see if I can reach him. Maybe he remembers playng against my dad in '53. Who knows.

                    I'll post some more photos. Some are labeled my mom who passed away a couple of years ago. Mom suffered from Alzheimers and in some cases, wrote on the photos (Argh!). Some of the labels on the pics may be incorrect as well, I dunno. Here we go!

                    1 - 1946: Leo Durocher with players
                    2 - Graham, Stevens, Burge & Schultz (Who's on first?)
                    3 - Dixie Walker, Rosen, Pete Reiser, Gene Hermanski, Augie Galan.
                    4 - My dad with Leo
                    5 - A pic Ed Head (left) and my dad (far right). This photo was taken a day after the April 23, 1946 no-hitter. I'm not sure who the gent is in the middle of the pic. Anyone know? My mom thought it was someone named "Fitzsimmons."

                    I'll be glad to post more photos later! This is a ball!
                    Todd (Anderson)
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                      You are quite welcome regarding the info.

                      What awesome photos, Todd! Again, thanks for sharing them with US.

                      Your MOM was right, that middle fellow is indeed FREDDIE FITZSIMMONS, another one of OUR Players. He opened a bowling alley a few blocks from OUR Ebbets Field, on Empire Blvd.

                      One other point of info, GENE HERMANSKI is still with US. Another possible contact.

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                        Thanks !

                        This is a terriffic thread. Thanks for sharing the info about your dad using his old jersey as an oil rag. That's priceless. Hope you continue to post stuff like that and your pictures.


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                          Great pics T.A. Do you have any more? I always love to see those old pictures. Gimmie more!!!

                          Welcome here on BBF. I bet you will enjoy your stay here.

                          The Brooklyn Dodgers forum is always great place to read the stories of the old days (no offense about your age my friends).


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                            More pics

                            Hey again to all,

                            Many thanks for the additional info!

                            Is Freddie Fitzsimmons still around? Is his bowling alley still doing business?

                            Thanks so much for letting me know about Gene Hermanksi still being with us. As soon as my player address book arrives, I'll see if I can garner a response from him!

                            More thoughts about my dad:
                            I remember how he told me about the many pranks players would play on one another during the season. One time he told me how he was in a hurry to get dressed for a game. When he went to put on his shoes, he discovered they had been nailed down to the floor! ;c)

                            My dad had a life-long problem with his eyes. One eye saw distance, the other up close. It was a malady that he learned to live with. To see objects at a distance, he would have to cock his head to the fuse the images together. So, as a catcher, he would have his head cocked as a pitcher began his throw, and as the ball made its way to the plate, his head would "straighten up" quickly to accurately see/catch the ball. Anyway, I say all that as a preface to this story: We were going through a toll booth on the Will Rogers Turnpike, south of Joplin, MO. I was maybe 11 or 12. My dad drove a volkswagen beetle back in the 70s. When we pulled up to pay the toll, the guy inside apparently knew my dad. He noticed my dad's head cocked and thought he'd poke fun at him by asking, "Is there something wrong with your neck, Andy? Is that car too small for you?" My dad responded seriously, "No. I got this way from catching too many curveballs over the years." The tollbooth operator looked embarassed and stood there with his mouth open. As we pulled away, I asked my dad if that was really true. "Nope," he said, "I just enjoyed throwing HIM a curve!" Whatta hoot!

                            Here are some more pics:
                            - One is of my dad receiving a throw. However the player (for the Cubs, right?) looks like he arrived well ahead of the throw. By the way, you'll note my dad's number was #14—he was one of six players (I think) to have worn that number. THe last person who wore it was Gil Hodges, whose ability was soooo legendary, they retired the number! I saw some replica #14 jerseys on the web for sale once. I shuold have bought one. Anyone know if they still sell those or not? It would be great to order one.
                            - a photo my mom had labeled "Action between the Dodgers and Giants." I have no clue what's going on. Looks a little like someone is caught in a run-down between third and home?
                            - a pic of my dad and Chuck Dressen during a game
                            - a super pic of my dad with Branch Rickey when dad was playing for the Toronto Mapleleafs.
                            - photo shows the 1946 catchers (Bruce Edwards, my dad, etc.)

                            Todd (Anderson)
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                              THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing with us all your memories of your Dad's time in Brooklyn and in MLB, and for those exceptional photos.

                              You have made it possible for all of us who post and read here to enhance our memories of that special place that was Ebbets Field in that forever-gone wonderul borough that was 1940's and 1950s Brooklyn.

                              Though the Brooklyn Dodgers and Ebbets Field are no more, their memory will last as long as those of us who had the joy of rooting for them and going to Flatbush are around.

                              Already, you are a PRIME contributor to this site.

                              God Bless.


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