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Could the Dodgers pull an Oakland?

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  • Could the Dodgers pull an Oakland?

    Here's a puzzler for you, boys and girls,

    Suppose that the Dodgers wanted to return to BROOKLYN (not anywhere else in the Metro NYC Area).

    Where would - could - they place the park today?

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    Floyd Bennett field is currently only occupied on it's south isthmus. The entire north part, which is hundreds of acres is unused. It has easy access to the belt parkway, while flatbush ave would have to be widened, from 4 to possibly 6-8 lanes it could work there. Also off the Erskine St exit on the Belt near the new Shopping Center there are also hundreds of acres that are in need of development. Either location provides easy access to the Belt Parkway.
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      The problem with Floyd Bennett Field is that it's well beyond the reach of the current subway system. Public transport is a must, and I can't imagine that buses would get the job done. NYC has been trying to get the Second Avenue subway line in Manhattan done for ages, to no avail. So I'm having trouble seeing when funds would ever become available for an extension in outermost Brooklyn.


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        Keyspan Park has shown the perfect location...right smack where Keyspan Park is...4 subway lines a block away...not far off the Belt Parkway...and how wonderful it would be to be sitting in the ballpark on a weekday night during the summer with the hum of the cyclone, Nathans catering the refreshment stands, the Atlantic just beyond the right field fence.....what a sight for sore eyes that would be.


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          In many ways this is a terrific location...but my concern with Coney Island would be the same as one The Big O had with the old Ebbets location: parking. I don't recall that there's a great deal around KeySpan now, and that's a small minor-league facility. I'm trying to think if there's a spot where they could put up a multi-floor garage, or maybe something underground would work. At any rate, traffic could be brutal.


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