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    Dodger Game on WOR-TV

    [QUOTE=DODGER DEB;480250]In addition to the two history threads already posted, I thought it appropriate to set up a thread for OUR BROOKLYN DODGER LITERATURE.

    I will start by posting this book, written by RED BARBER in 1947, the beginning of OUR incredible 10 year run (1947/1957). There have been many, many books written about OUR BROOKLYN DODGERS, so please include them here on this thread for all to see.

    Sorry, but this is a different subject. Understand from members at the other Dodger site (Brooklyn Dodger Memories) that you are the expert on the Dodgers of the 50's. PennPete passed on a query of mine to you, but I never got an answer. Here it is: I recall when watching the Dodgers at home on WOR-TV (circa 1953-56), the opening scenario to the broadcast was as follows: A subjective view of fan walking into the rotunda, getting tickets, walking into the stadium, stopping at a hot dog stand, ordering two hot dogs (by showing two fingers [like a victory sign]), then walking to his seat. An usher wipes off the seat and then the broadcast starts. Nobody on the other site seems to remember this. Do you?


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      Originally posted by VIBaseball View Post
      The new bio of Gil Hodges is out tomorrow:

      Gil Hodges: The Brooklyn Bums, the Miracle Mets, and the Extraordinary Life of a Baseball Legend

      I don't know anything about the first author listed, Tom Clavin...but I like Danny Peary's work a great deal.
      They teamed up on a Roger Maris bio that came out last year, but I have not read that one.
      I just finished the Maris bio earlier this summer. It was a pretty decent book, lots of research into his family and earlier life to really bring Roger out as a real person, not just some sports legend. Lots of good research into his injuries and ill treatment by the NY media, love of KC and St. Louis, dream of owning a beer distributing business, even some writers later apologizing for their treatment of him in the book.

      If these guys teamed up on a Gil Hodges bio, I am going to grab a copy. I imagine it will read as well as the Maris bio, and be just as packed with information too. Like many here, I have also read bios on these guys, but I really liked this team of authors and the job they did on Roger Maris, so I am excited to see how they bring the life of Gil Hodges to me from the pages of this book.
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