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Will memory of our Dodgers soon to be extinct?

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  • Will memory of our Dodgers soon to be extinct?

    It's now 61 years since the Dodgers' final game at Ebbets Field

    Most of us who followed the Brooks are 70 or more years old. Our memories of those happy days at Ebbets Field are still keen for many.

    I've returned to the site where Ebbets Field once stood several times over the past 15 years. Each time, I watch the familiar upslope of Bedford Avenue outside the right field wall, just as it was then, and look for the few other tangible reminder of the Dodger days. And with each visit, the sadness of the loss of our Brooks is re-enforced.

    The other day, a random thought came to me: how long before memories of the BROOKLYN Dodgers fade into the unspoken past?

    Much, if not most, of today's Brooklyn population has no first-hand memory of or experience with our team.

    For many years, the Brooks were memorialized in a large mural of Dodger players in front of the Ebbets Field exterior , which prominently stood on an MTA building near the intersection of Flatbush Avenue & Empire Boulevard, close to the Prospect Park station.

    Painted by a local artist, it was a pleasing historical reminder of the team that brought decades of joy to the borough.

    Also, it kept the Brooklyn Dodgers in the neighborhood, so to speak.

    Now it's gone, too, as is the short street between Montgomery Street and Sullivan Place, from the left field corner, past third base, to the rotunda. McKeever Place has been renamed for a local resident.

    Time waits for no one - or no team, either, I suppose.
    Still patiently waiting @ at Sullivan & McKeever (once THE corner in MLB) for the Brooks to return from their extended road trip.

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