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  • Brooklyn Dodgers Autographed Baseball

    My name is Michael Panzera. My father's name was Anthony Panzera. When he lived in Ozone Park, he worked a plumbing business with an uncle of Charlie "The Brow" DiGiovanna, the Brooklyn Dodgers batboy. I have an autographed 1952 Brooklyn Dodgers baseball that he gave to my father. Small world!

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    Keep it - will likely bring a good price someday.

    Sad that the Brow died so young after moving with the team to LA.
    Still patiently waiting @ at Sullivan & McKeever (once THE corner in MLB) for the Brooks to return from their extended road trip.


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      Sad to tell you, Michael, but odds are pretty good that the autographs on the ball were probably done by Charlie. Although that takes away some value, balls done by Charlie still hold some value. That was one of Charlie's jobs as batboy.

      The head office arranged for one or two dozen baseballs to be in the Dodgers clubhouse each day to be signed by the entire team for them to distribute. Some players would sign them all, some would sign some of them and some wouldn't sign any of them. One of Charlie's jobs included filling in each ball with all the missing autographs. His talent for duplicating every signature was difficult to determine, thus making it very difficult to spot the real signatures..


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