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Were WE Naughty or too Nice?

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  • Were WE Naughty or too Nice?

    Keeping in mind that "Yes, Virignia there is a Santa Claus", and knowing what WE now know, what kind of letter would you have written to Santa Claus in 1956, pleading with him to help US, Keep OUR Dodgers in BROOKLYN?

    For those of you loyal and true fans, born after that date, put yourself back in time, and join in.

    Were WE a bit a naughty...or simply a bit too naive and nice?

    Let's hear from all BROOKLYN DODGER fans.


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    Dear Santa,

    You know damned well that my evil behavior is no reason to allow the Brooklyn Dodgers to move to the left coast. Are you reasoning that because I am bad, all Brooklyn Dodger fans are bad? Is that not a hasty generalization, fat sir? Did some of those famous blobules travel to your brain?

    However, I am not asking you to give me anything. I am asking you to allow me to keep what I already have. Not only have most Brooklyn Dodger fans done nothing to deserve such a punishment but those things that reside so superficially on the left coast have done nothing to deserve such a present. It is a state that will allow the murderer of a mayor and a deputy mayor to escape justice with a slap on the wrist. It is a state that will allow a double murderer named O. J. Simpson to walk away a free man. It is a state that will satisfy its thirst by destroying the Colorado River and the creatures that depend on it. It is an evil state inhabited by evil creatures. Polanski got it right with "Chinatown."

    So I am unselfishly asking you for nothing, Santa. I am asking you to allow Brooklyn to keep what is rightfully its: the Brooklyn Dodgers.

    Thanks, Chubs. For nothing.

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      Yo, Nicky!

      I am really sorry I got so p.o.'d when dem reindeers o' yours crapped on the roof last year. I never thought you'd fix it so that Our Bums would leave Brooklyn. You never seemed like a vindictive-type guy.

      It was a NEW roof, all right? I had a little reason to be annoyed, y'know? And I'd ASKED you for the new roof. After all, you don't give up all kinds of cool Christmas stuff just so's your wife can have a new roof, and not get bent outta shape when some lousy flyin' Bambi leaves a package up there on a BRAND NEW roof. What kinda deal is that?

      I am not "an old Scrooge"!

      Okay, okay, I admit I overreacted. Them reindeers all look the same to me. Do I know Prancer poop from Dasher doo? Who gave them those names anyhow? The elves?

      Shooting Comet was NOT a good idea, I can see that now. Waste of a good bullet. I coulda saved it for the Big O'.

      And busting Blitzen's left antler was a rotten thing to do. But, hey, how was I supposed to know the reindeer can't fly with broken antlers? I didn't know I was screwin' up Christmas all around the world. What do I know about Christmas? I'm Jewish. Ask me about Hanukkah latkes, then we can talk!

      Look, send me Rudolph's parents' address so I can send a condolence card. I swear he slipped on the ice. On my mother's life.

      But, like, hey, all kiddin' aside. How can you TAKE THE DODGERS OUT OF BROOKLYN? Man, that's as bad as, as, well, TAKIN' THE DODGERS OUT OF BROOKLYN.

      Be the jolly old elf we all know you can be, and put in the fix so the team can stay. How 'bout you and me, we make a deal? I'll feed the reindeer, I'll even shovel out their stalls, hell, I'll pay for an Earl Scheib job on the sleigh for the next TEN years, if they stay. The next TWENTY. And my cousin's wife's brother owns a junkyard on Pennsylvania Avenue. All the free parts you want. For as long as you want.

      Really. Make sure it don't happen. We can't let them leave. 'Cause the place ain't ever gonna be the same if they go.

      Your pal,

      Spirit of '55
      Spirit of '55:cap:

      "Let's Bring The Dodgers Home Before The Big Quake, Else The Fault Will Be Ours!"


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        Ok I wasn't around at the time but let me try:

        Dear Santa,

        I don't want anything new for Christmas. Over the years you have given me a lot. I am still greatful for the World Series win a year ago. So I want nothing for me. But I am writing you for my dad. You know my dad has been good. He fought for our country in the war in Europe, came home, married my mom and had me and my two little brothers. My dad works hard every day to take care of all of us, and the one fun thing he does is take us to Ebbets Field to watch is Brooklyn Dodgers. Santa, I know you are watching Walter O'Malley and you see what he is doing. Please keep my dad's Dodgers in Brooklyn. I know there are good kids in LA, but you can give them a new team, not my dad's team. I promise I will be good forever if you just take care of my dad.

        Thank you


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