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    Meaning absolutely no disrespect to my Brooklyn family...

    Paul Simon once sang, "one man's ceiling is another man's floor." Sure enough! Brooklyn's loss was LA's gain...I recently sold my baseball cards but the memories are not fact, in so doing, found the original scorecard from Sept. 9, 1965, Mr. K's perfecto.

    I was 12, at the game with the synagogue youth group and watched, transfixed for a little over an hour and a half while the greatest pitched game in history, (not just Dodger history) unfolded before my eyes. I knew it was a special night by the 3rd inning. So did he...along with the scorecard (still unsigned--and oh, how I would love his signature!) I also found all the local news stories, now a bit yellowed and taped over....but the memories are like yesterday. Imagine a young jewish kid watching his hero, pitch his best game ever. By the way, some interesting trivia came out of that game...Harvey Kuenn is the answer to what trivia question?

    Carry on Dodger fans...keep the memory alive. The Brooks are not dead...they are merely on vacation.


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