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    We all know that Don Larsen pitched a perfect game in the 1956 World Series but how many of us know that a Dodger pitcher pitched nine scorless hitless innings against the New York Yankees in a World Series game. Name the pitcher.

    Next -

    Take a look at this photo and caption and tell us what is wrong. You may enlarge it if necessary. Here is the link.


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    It must have been Carl Erskine in Game 5 of the 1952 World Series.

    As for the picture I have no idea, but would hazard the guess that Duke Snider is not in the picture.
    Buck O'Neil: The Monarch of Baseball


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      Buck - You're good - Carl Erskine pitched nine hitless innings retiring the last 19 batters in order in a 6-5 Brooklyn win in 11 innings at Yankee Stadium. The Duke drove in four runs that day.

      As for the photo, the caption is false, no catch was made by Duke . It was a two run homer by Joe Collins in game one of the 1955 series at the Stadium.
      The scoreboard behind Duke gives it away by revealing the score one can trace it back to the game and to the play by play.

      I hate when a business tries to pass off a "fake" on the public.


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        That play was not a catch, it was a home run by Collins in the first game of the '55 WS.


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          More questions.....

          Who hit the most home runs in a season at EF? How many?


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            Gil Hodges with 25 in 1954.
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              Yes, thank you.

              An unusual stat. Duke Snider hit 23 homers at EF five consecutive years from 1953-1957


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