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    Dear Deb, Donz, and Other Friends:

    I really am shocked that anybody would think that the players had any voice in the move at all. If they'd complained, O'Money would have fired them outright, or simply not chosen to pick up on their next annual contract. And I GUARANTEE that NO OTHER TEAM ANYWHERE would have thought twice about it, especially in 1955. Even today, it would take big brass monkeys to stand up to management, particularly with nine gazillion dollar five year contracts on the line.

    Nothing against the 'Clones, but that's what they are---Clones. Not OUR Bums. Beach Bums. Uncle Fred may have brought baseball back to Brooklyn, but he certainly hasn't imbued his people with an appreciation of what they are and what they represent. Outside Keyspan, Jackie and Pee Wee may not be embracing each other, after all---maybe they're just holding each other up so they don't faint.


    Spirit of '55:cap:

    "Let's Bring The Dodgers Home Before The Big Quake, Else The Fault Will Be Ours!"


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