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NYC could have forced O'Malley's Hand

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  • NYC could have forced O'Malley's Hand

    I had never really thought about it before but it seems that any astute power brokers in NY could have easily given Stoneham the sweetest of deals
    (GIVE him the park in Flushing, concessions etc.) everything PLUS the kitchen sink. O'Malley could not move on his own and I doubt if any other NL team would have joined him and it wouldn't have had the appeal of the rivalry. By doing this you practically insure O'Malley plays ball. You take away all his power. NYC could also have made some deals with Westchester or Stamford, for instance to build a park for the Giants in return for something. I don't really know what exactly but even a crooked deal is better than no deal. Maybe I don't understand politics or something but O'Malley was able to go only because the Giants went with him. A sweetheart deal for the Giants would have kept both teams because O'Malley would have had to deal in earnest. "You say you want to stay in Brooklyn, Mr. O'Malley? Alright, Lets talk."

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    Excellent post. Only Charley Comiskey did more damage as an owner to baseball than O'Malley! Brownie31


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      WE had a huge discussion of this very subject on the NY Giants Forum in May 2004......



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