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  • My first post, and first request

    Hey all-

    I'm wondering if anyone here has some Brooklyn Dodgers avi/gif files that I could use for a school project. I would give credit on the website I'm working on.

    Although I'm in the Dodgers section, and this might be a sore spot for some, I was wondering if anyone had the soundbyte of the Bobby Thompson homerun, and Willie Mays catch at the Polo Grounds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    You may try one of the many search engines out there to see if any sound files of the Bobby Thompson HR are available. I'm quite sure there are, but you'll have to try them all, changing your keywords to yield the right result.

    As to the Willie Mays catch, since that was done in the 1954 WS vs the Cleveland Indians, you may wish to check in the NY Giants forum. In fact, for both requests, you may get a good answer over there.
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      Maybe this site will help you as well:


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        Here's a link to a page that includes the audio clip. It never really happened, you know. It's like how they staged the moon landing with some actors and a film crew out in the Arizona desert. What really happened was Branca struck out Thompson on a low curve, the Dodgers won the pennant and then went on to sweep the Yankees in the World Series. But hey, good luck with your project anyway.
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