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What's an original Brooklyn cap go for?

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  • What's an original Brooklyn cap go for?

    Today I was fortunate enough to pick up a near-mint condition Brooklyn Dodgers cap. It has ONE small (bigger than a pencil tip, smaller than a Sharpie tip) moth hole a half-inch up from the bottom edge and a few inches back from the right ear of the wearer.

    The cap is a KM Pro Cap, 100% wool. The label is mint and the KM Pro Cap stamping is mint. The 7 3/8 size stamping is VERY legible. The leather sweatband is mint. The visor is flat, never shaped. The white button and the stitched B are a little dirty, but look like they can be spot-cleaned. The cap appears unworn. I think the B and the button got soiled because it was in a guy's collection of dozens of other hats.

    I'm guessing it's "from the day" bacause I don't believe the company was ever in the business of making "throwback" caps.

    I don't want to sell this cap, but was wondering what something like this sells for.

    Any help by any knowledgeable folks would be appreciated.Thanks for your time.

    P.S. I paid five dollars for the cap

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    I bought a 1912 home cap, the white with blue pinstripes and blue "B" for $300, it has the leather band and 3 moth-holes in it. Has yellowing etc in the cap but was well worth it. Got it from a collector at a show with a letter of authenticity. If you got yours for 5 bucks and it is an authentic it is a steal!
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      Any chance of sending me a couple of photos of the cap? I have been looking for a replica that most closely resembles a 1955 season cap and have not been able to nail down an answer from anyone - too many veiws and opinions about variations of the "B" logo but not enough in the way of facts.

      A photo of an original would be of great value to me. Think about it.


      Lou, NY
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        If you go to they have the closest (IMO) you'd come to getting a replica cap. The "B" is a little thinner than the Cooperstown Collection hats. It honestly looks like the B on the 1912 hats.


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          Dodgers cap

          1932 Brooklyn cap
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            There is only one place to go for ballcaps. Cooperstown Cap Co.
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              Have you checked e-bay? or he mlb website?? Or maybe you could appeal on the merchandise section of this site
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