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  • Part of Ebbets Field Still Manhattan

    So this might be common knowledge, but it is news to me... But apparently after Ebbets was torn down, the lights were relocated to Downing Stadium on Randall's Island in Manhattan. Here's an NYT article from 1960 about the move, unfortunately, I do not have access to the entire thing, but maybe someone who does can paste it here:

    Since the installation of the Lights in 1960, it has seen the Women's Olympic Trials in 1964, an international soccer friendly in which England defeated the USA 10-0 on May 27, 1964, served as the home of the New York Stars of the WFL in 1974, and the New York Cosmos of the NASL in 1975, and been the site for rock concerts, including Pearl Jam in the 1990's.

    Additionally, the Brooklyn Dodgers of the Continental Football League played their home games there in 1966.

    Downing Stadium was torn down in 2002, and was replaced with the State-of-the-Art Icahn Stadium, which opened on April 23rd, 2005, however the lights remained, and are still there today. Icahn is one of only four Class 1 internationally certified tracks in the United States. After two years of operation, Icahn Stadium hosted more than 200,000 high school, college and professional athletes and spectators during the track season. Each year, the number of meets and events that are scheduled has grown, bringing larger numbers of people to the facility. It was included as a significant portion of NYC's 2012 Olympic Bid.

    I think its safe to say that those lights have seen their fair share of history!

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    I remember seeing that article too, Anubis, as I did research on what I call "the twilight years" at Ebbets Field and their aftermath.

    The Times published another article in 2000 noting that the original Ebbets fixtures had grown scarce by the time Downing Stadium was demolished.

    Daniel J. Wakin, “Ebbets Lights Dimmed Again,” The New York Times, September 27, 2000, p. B1.


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      I did not know that


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        And how about the Ebbets seats that went to Hart Island? For non-New Yorkers (even a lot of city residents may not be familiar), Hart Island has a spooky history.
        It's part of the Bronx, in Long Island Sound off City Island. It is the site of the city's potter's field and is off limits. Only a prison ferry goes there to bury bodies.
        In the past, there was a prison there, with a baseball diamond. Marvin Kratter donated a portion of the Ebbets Field seats after the demolition.
        After the prison was closed, nature overran the ballfield and the seats. I remember seeing a story about how one was refurbished and given as a retirement present to a prison official (or maybe it was a fire department guy).


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