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Best Brooklyn Dodger Team -1953 or 1955 or ?

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  • Best Brooklyn Dodger Team -1953 or 1955 or ?

    1953 - Won 105 -49
    1955 - Won 98 - 55 + WS - started season 22-2 record

    Hodges - .302
    Gilliam - .278
    Reese - .271
    Cox - .291
    Furillo - .344
    Snider - .336
    Robinson - .329
    Campanella .312


    Hodges - .289
    Gilliam - .249
    Reese - .282
    Robinson .256
    Furillo .314
    Snider .309

    What say You?
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    1953. Way more runs scored than '55, and a 14 point bulge in team BA.
    you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


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      One way to look at it is, which team won the World Series? That said, to me, what made the 1953 lineup better was Pafko in LF, giving them really an all-star starting nine. By '55, some of the greats--especially Robinson--were beginning to show their age a bit more. But it's really a tough call.


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        Very tough cal- the 53 team- which DID NOT have Pafko, by the way, was a monster lineup. Robinson and Reese definitely were better defensively in 53, and they still had a very strong glove in Cox much of the time at 3rd. BUT, pitching was just decent. With Newcombe in the Army, Erskine was the defacto ace, and he already had arm problems. Roe was still effective, but he was at the end of the line.

        The 55 team still had a great lineup, but Robinson was definitely on the way down/out, and Campanella, though great, was banged up at catcher. Newcombe was back, and in fine form. Erskine was still effective, Podres was coming on, and Bessent and Craig provided excellent relief and spot starting. Labine was still very good, as he had been in 53. The 55 team was probably a bit slower due to age, though Amoros added speed. Snider was even better in 55 than 53, though his stats don't prove it. He had a monster first half, then hurt his knee and slumped until late in the season.

        With hindsight, I'll give a tiny edge to 1955, even though they were older. Better/deeper pitching, great confidence. If the 53 team had had Newcombe they would have been the best, but they didn't.


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