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    Hi. I just joined this site, and as a former resident of Brooklyn and a Dodger fan in my youth, would
    like to add my comments about the final days of Ebbets Field. I lived not far from the old ballpark
    and in 1960 visited it twice: the first time I snuck in through the front gate and spent about a half hour
    or so walking around. The second time I attended a soccer game where my intent was to explore
    the inside of the stadium, as I had no interest in soccer. I visited the Dodger's clubhouse, which I
    had previously seen only from the outside looking in through a broken window on Sullivan Place
    at the corner of Bedford Ave. This clubhouse was under the right field seats. I also went up to the
    Dodger restaurant which was located on the upper level behind home plate. The place was filled
    with discarded papers and overturned furniture. Very sad. I also revisited Ebbets Field a few months
    later when it was in the process of demolition. I took some pictures, one of which I think is particularly
    touching. The picture is attached. This is a great site. I enjoy the comments from others who, like me
    still fondly remember the Dodgers and are still pained by their abandonment of Brooklyn. If picture
    doesn't appear, I'll try again. I'm new and am not sure if I have correctly attached file.
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    Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will find much of what is discussed here interesting, and we look foward to hearing your views on the Brooklyn Dodgers. Thanks for the pic.
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      Outstanding pic! This is possibly my favorite aspect of Ebbets history (having written about it).
      Minor note: that soccer game must have been in 1959. There's a list of the games played that year (and in '58) in the article "Twilight at Ebbets Field" in the sticky Ebbets History thread.

      Welcome, LESLEGR.


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        Originally posted by LESLEGR View Post
        I took some pictures, one of which I think is particularly
        Welcome. I think I speak for everyone here when I say that if you have more pictures, we'd very much like to see them.
        What's THAT guy doing?
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          You're probably right about the year. It was so long ago. I've always regretted not taking my camera with me to take pictures of the clubhouse,
          restaurant, dugouts and other areas I explored on that day. I took pictures like the one I posted, when the demolition began, and will post them
          very soon.


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