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RIP Duke Snider

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    Roger Craig is still alive too.


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      Also Newk and Koufax and Lasorda. As well as two other Brooklyn employees of the time, Vin Scully and Billy DeLury.


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        Originally posted by Bitter Fan View Post
        I wonder if that was because he was sensitive about the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn for not only his home state, but his hometown (Duke was a Compton boy). As he recollected, he would go watch firework shows at the Coliseum as a kid.

        He gave an interview in late 57/early 58 where he said he wasn't totally heartbroken about the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn for LA. That makes intuitive sense; if they were moving to your hometown you'd probably make your peace with it too. He got absolutely savaged by the NY press for that (who he'd had some battles with in the past) and I wonder if he tried extra-hard to make sure nobody got the impression he and O'Malley were of the same opinion.

        At the 1:10 mark he says he was born baseball-wise in Brooklyn. Its possible that in 57/58 he may have been releived there was some finality to it since it had dragged out for so long


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