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Omally before the move.

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  • Omally before the move.

    [B]This is for the people who were there before the move. I was wondering, was he friendly to the fans? Did he go around Ebbets field meeting people? Did he seem like the snake he turned out to be? Thanks.
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    omallly before the move

    my memories of those days prior to the announcement, although sketchy, were of a duplicitous smiling sob, who knew something you didn't. He always said he wanted to stay in bklyn, would not go to queens, all you had to give him was the site he knew he cound not have. he played us all. he was never mr. warmth. he had his box next to the dugout, but towards the end of the '57 season, he would watch games from the broadcast booth.


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      He was a lawyer working in a bank specializing in foreclosures.....enough said.


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        Thanks for the responses so far. As I said, I wasn't around back then, but i was born soon after. I am interested in the history of the Dodgers in Brooklyn because it all seemed so good for so long. Then the perfect storm occurs, and a greedy, disloyal individual, drunk with money and fame, comes along and moves a special team not just to Queens, but to la la land. It's a shame because LA got the Angels just 4 years later. To me the Dodgers in Los Angeles are like a stolen car that's been driven around for over 50 years to the point that no one cares or realizes that the car is stolen. Again, thanks for the responses so far. Doug.
        Baseball. The official sport of god.


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          If you've ever watched "Its a Wonderful Life", O'Malley was a lot like Mr. Potter.
          you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


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            OM epitomized a saying my late father used: "Beware a smiling Irishman."

            (That is our heritage as well, so no slur is here intended.)
            Still patiently waiting @ at Sullivan & McKeever (once THE corner in MLB) for the Brooks to return from their extended road trip.


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              1. "O" did not spend much time at OUR Ebbets Field during the 1957 season. I can remember only seeing him there a few times, and
              I, and my friends, were there every day. Almost every day there were stories in any one of our many newspapers of him meeting with,
              or talking to, Mayor Wagner, Brooklyn Boro President John Cashmore, or some state officials, includes hiz honor, 'the great Moses". So,
              his focus was elsewhere.

              2. "O" did NOT attend the last game at OUR Ebbets Field on September 24, 1957. I know that for a fact. Had he been there, his life would
              actually been in danger...and he was no fool. He would have been strung up at second base.

              3. After leaving Brooklyn in early October 1957, after the official announcement on October 8th, "O" never stepped foot in Brooklyn again.

              The above info was gleaned from the original "Dodger Deb", whom I am proud to say, stays in touch, and is always willing to contribute..................
              you can take the Dodgers out of Brooklyn, but you can't take the Brooklyn out of the DODGERS


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