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is Matt Kemp the best Dodger including the Brooklyn Dodgers?

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    Originally posted by MATHA531 View Post
    .....but sometimes it's the players too who have something to do with it. The late Johnny Unitas avoided any semblance of respect for Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts in the years before his death; he cast his lot with the Ravens. Jim Brown, I understand, can be a very angry person. Does he attend Ravens games as one of the faces of the franchise? Or is he at Cleveland Browns games? Is it the city? Is it the organization? Is it the corporate name? In many cases, franchise shifts occur when new owners take over. Does the entire history of the baseball in Philadelphia reside today with the Phillies? Who claims the legacy of Jimmy Fox? Cornelius McGilicuddy (Connie Mack)? Does the legacy of Hank Aaron reside with the Atlanta Braves (well at least Aaron played in Atlanta) or do the Milwaukee Brewers have some claim to his legacy? It goes on and on.
    The Browns case is unique in the sense that the name and records were required to remain in Cleveland so Jim Brown is always a Brown. I guess it each team chooses to handle it differently.

    The LA NL Franchise seems to love trading on the Brooklyn history while the Orioles went out of their way to distance themselves from all things St Louis Browns. As far as successor franchises go the Phillies apparently give a nod to the A's since they have a statue of Connie Mack and some A's stuff at their stadium. Not sure how KC handles it though


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      Originally posted by Blackout View Post
      has Kemp became the best Dodger ever yet??
      Well, this worked out well, didn't it? Kemp was a good player- for a couple of years he was really good. Injuries hurt him, but that's the case for so many players. Better question- is he among the 30 best Dodgers of all time?


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