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Oldest Living Ex-Dodger to Meet Team in New York

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  • Oldest Living Ex-Dodger to Meet Team in New York

    Keith A.

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    Here's another story that came out (note also the mention in our "Where Are They Now?" thread). is the go-to source for millions of people who want to know what's happening in their city. And we're still growing!

    Sandlock appears amazingly robust and fit for a man in his late 90s.


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      I hope the Dodgers, one of oldest living Dodger, 96-year-old, Mike Sandlock's former major league teams and the Mets, Mike's favorite team, one he follows from his home in nearby Connecticut, provided Mr. Sandlock with a fitting tribute, Saturday.
      I was familiar with him as a curiousity for Phillies baseball card collectors. Mike was acquired by the Phillies from the Pirates in between the 1953 and 1954 seasons, largely because he was good at catching knuckleballers and the Phils had a couple of knuckleballers on their staff. A baseball card was issued for Sandlock in an early 1954 Topps series. Sandlock, however was sent to the Pacific Coast League out of Spring Training and never played a game for the Phils. It's one of Topps few and far between "mistakes" of printing a card of a player pictured as a Phillie who never actually played for the team. The 1954 season with San Diego of the PCL, at age 38, was the final season of Sandlock's career.
      The Phillies printed cards in 1955 for minor leaguers Tom Casagrande and Louis Ortiz and neither ever played for the Phillies. Their next such "mistake" was in 1973 when the Phillies had acquired catcher Tom Haller in the 1972-73 off-season. In a case similar to Sandlock's, Topps printed a Haller card as a Phillie for their Series One cards which come out in February or March, but Haller failed to make the team in Spring Training and never played for the Phillies. There may be another "Mistake"or two in Topps' history with the Phillies but they number no more than about a half-dozen, total.
      In any event, I hope everything went well with the tribute to the oldest living Dodger Saturday and that Mike enjoyed a great day.
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        With the passing of Conrado Marrero, Mike Sandlock is now not only the oldest living Dodger but also the oldest living former major leaguer.
        Here's to Mr. Sandlock's good health.


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