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What was the reaction when O'Malley died?

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  • What was the reaction when O'Malley died?

    I ask this because as a Browns fan we are all debating if we should be celebrating Modell's death. I often saw parallels between the two moves. So I was curious how Dodger fans reacted when they heard?

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    As I remember, there was a little bit of comment in the newspapers but by then the slick propagandas machine of the Los Angeles Natonal League baseball club had begun to shift the blame from O'Malley to Robert Moses (which is something anybody who does a little bit of investigating will find has always been one big fat lie).


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      Yeah we are seeing a lot of that too these days. Apparently the league has mandated a moment of silence at every game and we know its going to get nasty this week.


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        my reaction was: I hope there's an open coffin, that will cut down the chances of a hoax. and in the case of Modell, I used to frequent a bust out joint in downtown Cleveland called the Theatrical. and there were at least twenty-five regulars, some of whom might still be around, who I'm sure would have exactly the same attitude towards the former owner of the Browns.
        After 1957, it seemed like we would never laugh again. Of course, we did. Its just that we were never young again.


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          The league wanted all the teams to recognize the passing. The Browns agreed to do it before his family asked the team not to because Cleveland fans would have booed him. Its one of those things that will always be too soon. The good thing is with his passing his career is officially over so he spent 35 years in Cleveland and 17 years in Baltimore so if he ever makes the finals for the Hall of Fame his case has to be presented by the Cleveland representative to the committee so it will never happen.


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