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1916 Brooklyn Dodgers NL Champions photo thread

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  • 1916 Brooklyn Dodgers NL Champions photo thread

    Following two straight National League pennants in 1899 and 1900, the Brooklyn Base Ball Club fell on hard times. Between 1903 and 1914 the team finished in the second division (no higher than fifth place in the eight-team league) each season. In 1913 the team abandoned Washington Park to move into the newly-constructed Ebbets Field, named for team owner Charles Ebbets. In 1914, Wilbert Robinson, who had been a coach for the Giants, was hired to manage the team. (Ironically, as a player for the Orioles in the 1890’s, Robinson had refused to transfer to the Brooklyn club when both teams came under the same ownership prior to the 1899 season and the owners wanted to move the best Baltimore players to Brooklyn.) In 1915, the team finished in third place, and in 1916 they won the National League pennant by 2½ games over the defending-champion Phillies, remaining in first place continuously after a May 27th doubleheader sweep at Philadelphia.

    The Dodgers’ leading hitters were Jake Daubert (.316) and Zack Wheat (.312); Wheat’s 32 doubles, 13 triples, 9 home runs, 73 RBI and 76 runs scored each led the team. Sacrifice bunts were a big part of the team’s attack; they had 203 sacrifice hits during the season, led by Daubert (35), Mike Mowrey (31), George Cutshaw (29), and Ivy Olson (20).

    The infield was manned by Mowrey at third, Olson at shortstop, Cutshaw at second, and Daubert at first; Fred Merkle was obtained in a trade late in the season to fill in at first when Daubert was injured. The outfield consisted of Wheat in left field and a platoon system of Hi Myers in center field, Casey Stengel in right field, and Jimmy Johnston in either center or right field. The catching was done mostly by Chief Meyers and Otto Miller. Ollie O’Mara was a frequent replacement at shortstop and a pinch hitter, Gus Getz was the backup at third base, and Lew McCarty was the substitute first baseman and third-string catcher until he was traded for Merkle.

    Their leading pitcher was Big Jeff Pfeffer, whose name was Edward but bore a strong resemblance to boxer Jim Jeffries. Pfeffer was 25-11 with a 1.92 ERA in 1916. Larry Cheney matched Pfeffer’s ERA, but finished with a record of 18-12. The remaining starters were Sherry Smith (14-10, 2.34), Rube Marquard (13-6, 1.58), Jack Coombs (13-8, 2.66), Wheezer Dell (8-9, 2.26), Ed Appleton (1-2, 3.06), and Nap Rucker (2-1, 1.69). Duster Mails (0-1, 3.63) was their leading relief pitcher, when they weren’t using a starter for that purpose.

    Facing the World Champion Boston Red Sox in the World Series, Brooklyn was defeated, four games to one. The team fell into the second division again for the next three seasons, but then won the league pennant again in 1920. This was followed by three more second-division finishes, and then a near-miss in 1924, ending up in second place by 1½ games behind the New York Giants.

    The team’s home and away uniforms in 1916 featured a distinctive windowpane check pattern that was a throwback to the Brooklyn uniforms worn in the late 1880s. In 1917 only the road uniform continued to have this pattern, and after that it was never worn again.

    Team nicknames were informal until well into the twentieth century; sometimes rival newspapers bestowed different names on the same team. The Brooklyn club was first known as the Trolley Dodgers in 1895 because of the number of trolley lines that cranks (fans) had to cross to enter Eastern Park, their home at the time. This was quickly shortened to “Dodgers” by the newspapers and the fans. When Ned Hanlon became the manager in 1899, the newspapers sometimes referred to the team as “Hanlon’s Superbas”, a reference to a touring stage show named “Superba” that was produced by the Hanlon Brothers (no relation to Ned). The team was known as both the Superbas and the Dodgers into the 1910s, even though Hanlon last managed the team in 1905. When Robinson became the manager, a third nickname--the Robins--became popular, but the team was still often called the Dodgers and the Brooklyn Daily Eagle continued to refer to the team primarily as the Superbas. “Dodgers” did not appear on the team’s uniforms until the 1930s.

    1916 preseason game with the New York Yankees
    1916 preseason game with NYY Donovan and Robinson.jpg
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    1916 Brooklyn Dodgers/Robins/Superbas, 94-60, .610, 1st place

    1916 NL Brooklyn 3.jpg

    1916 NL Brooklyn (Eagle).jpg

    1916 NL Brooklyn 1.jpg

    1916 NL Brooklyn 2.jpg

    1916 NL Brooklyn 4.jpg
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      1916 Brooklyn Team restored by BSmile

      1916 NL Brooklyn 5 BSmile.jpg
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        1916 Opening Day

        1916 Opening Day 1.jpg

        1916 Opening Day 2.jpg

        1916 Opening Day.jpg


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          Manager Wilbert Robinson

          NL Bro Robinson.jpg

          NL Bro Robinson 2.jpg

          NL Bro Robinson Jollying Onward to the Pennant.jpg

          NL Bro Robinson 3.jpg


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            Leadoff Hitter (vs. right-handed pitchers, #3 vs. LHP): CF Hi Myers

            NL Bro Myers.jpg

            NL Bro Myers 2.jpg
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              Leadoff Hitter (vs. left-handed pitchers): CF/RF Jimmy Johnston

              NL Bro Johnston.jpg

              NL Bro Johnston.jpg

              NL Bro Johnston 2.jpg
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                #2 Hitter: 1B Jake Daubert

                NL Bro Daubert damaged.jpg

                NL Bro Daubert Conlon.jpg

                NL Bro Daubert 3.jpg

                NL Bro Daubert 2.jpg


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                  #3 Hitter (vs. right-handed pitchers): RF Casey Stengel

                  NL Bro Stengel 5.jpg

                  NL Bro Stengel 1.jpg

                  NL Bro Stengel.jpg

                  NL Bro Stengel 3.jpg

                  NL Bro Stengel 4.jpg
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                    RF Casey Stengel in the field

                    NL Bro Stengel 2.jpg


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                      #4 Hitter: LF Zack Wheat

                      NL Bro Wheat.jpg

                      NL Bro Wheat 2.jpg

                      NL Bro Wheat 3.jpg

                      Brooklyn Outfielders (l-r): Casey Stengel, Jimmy Johnston, Hi Myers, and Zack Wheat
                      NL Bro Wheat (Stengel Johnston Myers Wheat).jpg


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                        #5 Hitter: 2B George Cutshaw

                        NL Bro Cutshaw 1917 image.jpg

                        #6 Hitter: 3B Mike Mowrey

                        NL Bro Mowrey.jpg

                        #7 Hitter: SS Ivy Olson

                        NL Bro Olson.jpg

                        NL Bro Olson 2.jpg

                        Brooklyn Infielders (l-r): Jake Daubert, George Cutshaw, Ivy Olson, Mike Mowrey
                        NL Bro infield Daubert Cutshaw Olson Mowrey.jpg
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                          Catcher Chief Meyers

                          NL Bro Meyers.jpg

                          NL Bro Meyers 2.jpg

                          NL Bro Meyers full.jpg

                          NL Bro Meyers 1.jpg

                          Catcher Chief Meyers, Mgr. Wilbert Robinson, and Pitcher Rube Marquard
                          NL Bro Meyers Robinson Marquard.jpg


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                            Catcher Otto Miller

                            NL Bro Miller Conlon.jpg

                            NL Bro Miller.jpg

                            Catchers Otto Miller and Chief Meyers
                            NL Bro Miller and Meyers.jpg
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                              Backup SS Ollie O’Mara

                              NL Bro O'Mara.jpg

                              Backup 3B Gus Getz

                              NL Bro Getz.jpg

                              Backup Catcher/1B Lew McCarty (traded for Fred Merkle on August 25th)

                              NL Bro McCarty.jpg


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