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  • Looking for Brooklyn Dodgers Documentary


    Please excuse me but my friend Chris and I are big fans of the documentary "Brooklyn Dodgers - The Ghosts Of Flatbush." We have seen it numerous times on television and would like to own it. However, we've tried to search for it all over the internet, but couldn't find anything. I even contacted HBO to see if they were selling the documentary on DVD. They sadly were no help.

    With that being said, we were hoping someone on Baseball Fever could assist us in locating a DVD of the documentary that is available for purchase. Or maybe someone could help us in finding a mp4 (digital version) that could be downloaded.


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    If I'm not mistaken that was one of the spate of books, films, etc. that came out in conjunction with the O'Malley family's efforts to detoxify the old scoundrel's memory and get him into the HOF. As such it's of little informative value as regards O'Malley's rationale for moving the Dodgers to Los Angeles.

    Unfortunately history is written by the victors. O'Malley's son cashed out of the Dodgers for a few hundred million dollars. He made it a mission to disinfect Walter's stinking legacy. Pinning his betrayal of community on the long dead Robert Moses was his means. Moses didn't use his office to enrich himself. He left only $50,000 to his heirs. Inadequate resources to defend against the media assault that would occur.

    But Peter still waited until all Moses' heirs were dead before he began "releasing papers from the Walter O'Malley archive", which created the "blame Moses" meme.

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